Black People Hate Each Other

img-thing?yeah i said it…
its true tho.
this is why i got rid of so many people last year.
they were so quick to reach out for my help when i was on top,
but as soon as i slip and fell down that long ass mountain,
they all scattered.
phones stopped answering.
texts went “read” and then ignored.
the problem with black people is we don’t like to help each other.
everything is a fuckin competition.
this is why i don’t get into stan wars.
only one person can “do” something.
like bitch i’m not competing with you.
i don’t give a fuck about what you got,
who you fuckin’,
or what you trying to buy.
all that doesn’t mean you got a good heart or you going to heaven.
i am confident in my own shit to know i am good at what i do.
its like people see me as a threat or something.
no one is trying to take your place,
and if i did,
what makes you think i would stab you in the back?
people create all this dust while standing in one spot.
there is enough room at the table to eat and share.
i noticed that spanish people help each other.
white people as well.
blacks tho?
we stab each other in the back while we both at the bottom.
well lets say i was shocked when some of my readers helped me.
everyone i know in my real life likes ear hustle that they know this and that,
or they going here and there,
but let me ask them to put me on?
suddenly my ass is speaking dutch and they aint got a decoder.
i was brought up to help people because i watched people help my parents.
they also returned the favor if they knew something.
if you have been good to me,
held me down while i am in this dark place,
then why wouldn’t i help you?
how do people expect blessings if they live a selfless life?
maybe times have changed?
have black people become scared of their positions since the recession?
who the fuck knows.
then we like to get involved in shit that doesn’t even concern us,
or we create faux outrage for bullshit that always falls flat.
i love my people and all,
but i may need to meet more white people this year.
rant over.

tumblr_inline_mv94jqr2AT1s9utoslowkey: i think black gays can be the worse when it comes to hate.
we just like to suck and fuck each other.
it can only be one “amazing gay” at a time.
sadly even that person gets picked apart and thrown to the dogs.
this is why we can’t have nice things.
am i wrong for thinking this?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

23 thoughts on “Black People Hate Each Other”

  1. It funny you wrote this because I was kind of thinking the same thing today and I even notice that I hardly have any black American friends because they are too shallow when I tried to say hello to them. Now that I think about it I don’t why I am attracted to black American men because a long time ago they used to threaten me, call me names, and say I am too dark to be Puerto Rican. Huh.

    1. ^we have their strengths,
      as well as our weaknesses.
      sadly the weaknesses ring like a bell.
      when you hit the bottom while black,
      it’s like this song:

      this song sums up how i feel about the black community right now.

    1. ^its sad because i genuinely don’t hate people.
      so then why is it problem when we run to other races?
      i dont even get mad nowadays when people interracial date.
      well unless you are being disrespectful.
      don’t think because you upgraded to “house nigga” that you gotta switch.

      1. Honestly, interracial dating has nothing to do with why black people hate each other.I see the hate many things.Black people will go through the ringer for other races but will gladly kick their own kind to the curb when they need to.They love the validation they get from other races.I know a Black dude who basically lost a business because he wouldn’t fire a Latino dude that was fucking his establishment up by giving his shit away for free to friends and chicks he wanted to impress.Had that Latino dude been Black, his ass would’ve been thrown to the wolves.

        I get pissed when I see Black people “We have to support Black businesses so we can start being successful and start helping our own kind.”These niggas forget, you have to hire Black people to or else what’s the point.P.Diddy, Jay-Z, and Russell Simmons are good examples of that.I was just watching a program the other day about a Black man that owns a restaurant.They showed his workers and there wasn’t a black face in sight.

        Every other community of people support and hire their own kind first except for Black people.

        Oprah is another example.When they finally showed her staff, all of them were White people and a couple of half Blacks.

        I remember Davon or whatever that bisexual mulatto dude’s name was posted a comment by a Black man that he knew.That Black man said that Black people are a lost cause.I couldn’t agree more.The interracial dating thing is apart of that as well.That Black man that made that comment to Davon is also apart of the problem.Even though I agree with him, why on Earth would you tell a mulatto that.We should keep all of our problems internal, in our community.Not blab about it to half breeds.

        That’s another problem.We broadcast our communities problems to the world.We don’t know the internal problems of the Italian community, or the Jewish community.

        Also, you have websites like Bossip and MediaTakeOut pitting Black men against Black women daily.Do they really need to keep making the “Black men who with White Women and Black Women who go with White Men” articles every fucking day.

        I stopped going to MTO years ago when I saw them refer to Black men as a pack of Hot sauce.I was amazed to learn that the owner of the website was a Black man.I bet the staff for each website is 85% White and 15% Black.

        I always mention Asians and Indians as having the same problems as us but they don’t have it as bad.They at least like to hire and help their own kind.Black people go into work with big smile on their face because they have nothing but White, Latino, and mixed staff.Like Oprah and those Black men for instance.

        I don’t think Black gays are the worst.They just seem that way because of they have the mentality of a catty woman combined with testosterone.

    2. Well I been stuck in a little town filled with white people so I forgot how black people were each other. But then again as a kid and a teen I never notice it until now when I start receiving a lot of cold shoulders from the black community.

  2. Jamari, you’re either part of the solution or you’re part of the problem. Unfortunately, from slavery African Americans bought and have perpetuated as a legacy of slavery much self-hating racism. This self-hating racism is spread by the use of the N word (which, unfortunately, you choose to do), by adopting European standards of beauty that have as the standard white hair, skin, lips, noses and eyes and that have as less than black/African hair, skin, lips, noses, eyes, etc.

    I am a black person. I have an African American. I’m 100% African American and I have helped so many black people and will continue to do so. My mother taught me the 8 Rs: Reading, Writing, ‘Rithmatic, Roots, Respect, Responsibility and Right and Wrong. Roots are an important part of that and are not to be forgotten.

  3. No you are not wrong for this way of thinking. In the black population, everyone is jealous and wants to compete with other people to achieve a certain status. Some even want to be people, you read that right. You can’t be someone else and vice versa.

    Gays are the worst when it comes to this due to all the insecurities. Some like to bursts people’s bubbles and get a kick out of watching them fail, while they are successful or what they think success is.

  4. I love you Jamari but disagree totally with this post. There are good black people and bad black people. Good brown and yellow folks and bad ones. And there are white people who are good and those who would kill their mothers for $5. God made us all. I hate when people stereotype black folks based on the behavior of a few. Have you ever thought maybe the people you associate with are negative and maybe you should find some more positive one?. Believe me they aren’t hanging out at the A List parties or traveling to Miami Sizzle and Blatino Oasis every year. They are not ballers making millions. They are that brother who volunteers at the homeless shelter or tutors little kids or leads Bible Study or makes sure his mother’s electricity bill is paid. They are out there because i know folks like this. Also you attract what you put out. What are you sending into the universe? And lastly remember this…In life you will count your true friends with one hand so remember quality always trumps quantity. Keep the list of friends you turn to in crisis short and sweet. Sorry to lecture but hey I’m old lol. Love your blog and look forward to reading it every day!

    1. Immanuel, I agree with you, brother. I love this part “I hate when people stereotype black folks based on the behavior of a few.” Unfortunately, the people doing this stereotyping are all too often black people.

    2. ^well immanuel its always a pleasure to hear from you.
      i see dean also agreed with something that was said.

      “I hate when people stereotype black folks based on the behavior of a few.”

      funny because a majority of black people stereotype whites after what a few did as well.
      in my rant,
      i didn’t say all blacks.
      i said a few.
      i’m not going to agree with everything we as black people do.
      i can see the positive and negative of our people.
      in my case,
      with the blacks i had around me,
      they were raging morons who wanted fame and fortune at anyone’s expense,
      burning bridges along the way.
      if i stereotyped all blacks,
      i would stop searching for a black man and this site would become whitewashed.
      i see your points immanuel,
      but i needed to clarify a moment of frustration.

      1. I understand Jamari. I know you are frustrated. I read about your landlord jerking you about that job asking you to dress for an interview and come upstairs. That’s lame!
        Maybe it’s time for you to leave NYC. That city has great energy and there is always something going on. But peeps there can be so full of bull.

  5. Its tough to find the positives in something when our perspectives seek to validate the negative ideas and beliefs we have. Its sort of like when people purchase a car, and then suddenly it seems like everyone has the same car you purchased and you just never noticed before. Its not that people all of a sudden decided to purchase the same car you did, its that you have now shifted your focus and now that’s what you focus on. Same goes for this belief that black people are so terrible and non-blacks are these benevolent, ultra-caring human beings. If you believe that blacks are terrible people, its all you will focus on and miss out on the black parents playing with their children, bestfriends laughing in subway cars, that generous scholarship awarded from black people to other black people, etc. We see only what we want to see. Our thoughts and belifs manifest themselves into our experiences in order to prove us right and wee ignore or downplay the things that challenge these beliefs.

      1. Lol Thank you immanuel. And Ronnie I’ve been good! Life has definitely changed and brought me to people and places i needed to come to. The decision i made to do something totally outside of what I normally would do has remarkably improved my life.

    1. Well said, Ursovain. Accentuate the positive. Eliminate the negative. Don’t mess around with Mr. In-Between. You’re either a part of the solution or you’re a part of the problem. If you accentuate the negative, you’re a part of the problem. There are problems and there are solutions to problems. The first step in solving a problem is to admit that there is one, but don’t stop there. Focus on the solution, please.

    2. And, Ursovain, you are correct when you stated “in order to prove us right and wee ignore or downplay the things that challenge these beliefs”. People like to say and even believe that they are logical and reasonable but when you challenge beliefs that they have and even show their beliefs to be wrong/foolish/stupid/not true, they seldom say “Thank you”. Instead, the more common response is to re-trench in the wrong/foolish/stupid/not true beliefs and to get angry at you. I know this because I had some business dealing recently where people said all sorts of whacko things to support and justify pre-ordained conclusions.

      Frankly, I learned that one thing that I like about myself is that I can be convinced by an argument even if the argument is contrary to my current beliefs. In fact, I take it as a matter of pride that I have had arguments where I have taken position “A” as opposed to “contra A” on the other side but after arguing about it, I have switched sides and have adopted in the middle of the argument the “contra A” position. That’s what you should do. Adopt the more logical, reasonable, rational and good position–but few people do that. Most dig in–regardless of the evidence or arguments. That’s stupid but true.

  6. This is even the punch line amongst other races. I see more unity amongst Non American Blacks but from a cultural stand point Black people primarily those of African descent are a tribal people. it seems to be in our nature to battle it out. Black people are not a homogeneous people we are the most diverse regardless of what Eurocentric minded White people may think….some think we are a uniformity but we are not from a historical stand point. All and all there is no excuse for the civil war that is going on within our community. Such shame African-Americans will end up like Native Americans 50 years from now, the Black community is facing extinction.

  7. Oh yes in school the smart black students that had class and morals are called “white boy/girl”, sellout, uncle tom, Oreo as well as any suscessful black human. I all so see black women bash gay black men and straight black men and make their lives hard as humanly possible. They call dark or natural black people ugly they look to black. Colorism light vs mediam vs dark skin. Black men vs black women. They love to break each other down. No one hate black people more the black women then the black men. We’ll from what I witness and went threw being a dark skin kinky curly guy. Black women been the worst for me but one day I hope we get it together and become come the kings and queens we claim to come from.

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