The “Truth” About Lil Duval

i’ve never been a fan of lil duval.
his spirit never came off legit.
something about him just never connected with me.
so i’m not shocked with his comments.
my thing is…

…he might not agree with how someone lives,
but killing them is NEVER the answer.
wtf was he thinking?
that just comes off hateful and i could see why it created the wild fire it did.
the way he has been going about this tho…

so he has always been cancelled for me.
ya’ll may need to catch up to where i’m at.

tami roman made a point tho that i couldn’t ignore:

she really put a foot on everyone’s neck with her opinion on his “truth”.
we all live our truths in many ways.
in the gay community,
we are always being yelled at for “not living our truth”.
as ignorant as lil duval is…

Should he have been honest about his “truth”?

like tami said,
there are many who will say this behind closed doors.
even celebs who claim to be “pro” something are legit lying for pr.
your fav could be playing a role for movie tickets and album sales.
they do something where they look “for us”,
but they are cringing inside at the thought of it.
they may fear being judged or ridiculed of being open with their truth.
sounds familiar.
so do we fight everyone who says their “truth”?
banish them for being honest?
do we accept their opinion and move on with our own truths?
even if we don’t agree?

there are many who don’t like gays,
but my inner “ignore” button works differently than others.
in my life,
i realize that many won’t like me for who i choose to fuck.
some just won’t like me as a whole.
from the way i look,
how i dress,
how emphatic i am,
and the way i do my thing.
folks just don’t like me and that is a-o-kay.
it’s life.
with that,
it’s easy for me to cancel anyone who doesn’t like my truth.
i don’t give a fuck about their lives,
to be honest with you.
so i had to wonder…

Why do some of us get so bent out of shape with others who don’t accept them?

…but expect everyone to accept them?
some are furious at lil duval for his comments,
but spit hate to someone who is living his gay “truth” differently.

i’m not cosigning anything tami or ll duval said.

45 thoughts on “The “Truth” About Lil Duval

  1. I need one of yall “the gays too sensitive” niggas to explain to me how “he’s living his truth” is some kind of defense.

    I’m glad Duval was honest. Thank you now his bitch ass is cancelled and I’ll live my truth and make sure folks know he trash. Simple.

  2. What i realised is most gay men don’t support the transgender community and that’s a shame. Now i start to see why that guy was saying about this being hateful toward transgender. the fact that people here compare sleeping with a transwoman not nknowing she’s a trans to sleeping with a someone not knowing they have STDs is crazy. Since when sleeping with a transperson dangerous for your life? How your serious??? So for yall sleeping with a trans it like sleeping with someone with hiv or herpes? Jesus.

    It’s really crazy how gay people are fighting every days to be seen as “normal” in the society but as soon as somebody attck transgender people, they are like “weel just deal with it no everybody is going to accept you”. It so easy to dismiss this because for once gay people are not the one attacked. When kim burrell went for gay peopel i did read here how it was just HER truth, don’t be that hypocritical jamari, that’s really shameful and you’re better than that.

    And @Jay transwomen ARE REAL WOMEN.

    1. *applause* I wonder why we’re so quick to understand and explain away homophobic/transphobic behavior but as you noted, most of us have internalized it ourselves.

  3. Meh, I think as humans, we all want to be understood. But it mostly seems to be overreaching if certain people don’t concede to majority/dominate society or any other society oneself fanaticizes.

  4. And THIS is why i NEVER support any celebrities or put money in their pockets! Y’all put them to this pedestal as if they are exempt to making mistakes and saying dumb shit. Tami throws glasses at women who are her DAUGHTER’s age to pay her bills, she would be the LAST person who I take seriously.

    1. I understand the whole “deceiving” argument with Lil Duval because let’s keep it real that would make your blood boil. Even though his answer about killing them was kitchen table talk. HOWEVER, his whole rhetoric in general just came from a hateful place and he has had HISTORY of just saying demeaning things to anybody that isn’t a heterosexual black man. The only difference is now that he said that it on a public mainstream platform (who’s viewers have left-wing views in general) where folks can now pick up on it and respond. He was calling them “nigga bitches” and doing the most and that just showed his lack of respect. But I’ve never expected anything more from someone like him so I wasn’t mad, I just kept scrolling.

  5. Well, this is my take on this whole Lil Duval situation:

    He should’ve never said it. Period. Lil Duval should’ve known that everyone nowadays are sensitive and since he’s right about the fake outrage, he fed the monster even more with this comment and won’t apologize for it. Now my observation in general about everyone’s emotions: I feel that ever since July of this year, I’ve seen a rise up of ignorance and bigotry within the entertainment world. I’m literally at a point of not wanting to support anything a celebrity or movement that is younger than me (18-25) or older than me (35+). The reason is because it’s too much bullish for me to understand and learn from and I can’t take it anymore.

    July 4th, 2017 was the day that the straw broke the camel’s back for me and I’m just ready to execute anyone who has these crazy ass extremist comments that are either far left or far right! I’m sorry Jamari, but I’m tired. Tired of the mental anguish that I have to endure with these people. My school teachers were right as well as my father, Wesley Allen Taylor, “THE GOOD HAS TO SUFFER FOR THE BAD!” God help them, because my wrath will be on that scale. Again Jamari, sorry for the latter comment.

  6. So Tami, “everybody” was asking u to comment, huh?…to spill that “truth”?…girl, bye!

  7. A lot of flawed logic and reductive thinking being reflected in these comments…

    What Duval said was irresponsible given the history of violence against transgender people. He can say what he wants, but trans violence/discrimination is a touchy issue, so know there may be a backlash. He could have said “I would be disgusted at the idea of sleeping with a transgender individual” and kept it moving. But he joked about taking it to an extreme that actually happens in the real world so that was wack on his part. The Breakfast Club also gets an L for clearly trying to play both sides. You just had Janet Mock the other day, but now you wanna laugh and kiki when Duval jokes about killing a transgender?

    Ultimately, Lil Duval and Tami Roman are both losers, so who really cares what they had to say? Just another example of dumb, irrelevant black people spouting bullshit.

  8. I am gay and I don’t see nothing wrong with what he said. He stared if he was not told the truth about you being born s man. He couldn’t live with that. Hell that can be traumatizing. It is the same with anyone catching their partner cheating to me. I am sorry. Be honest with people and give them the benefit of the doubt.

  9. I had starting commenting the other day and stopped on the other thread where that Papi character got all in his feelings, like Jamari was supposed to hold up the Blood Stain Banner for all Trans People on his platform, many on that thread were attacking him and being the very things they accuse everybody else of, but none of them give him a dime to keep the lights on around here or gave us links to their platforms where they express their views on all they are doing for the Trans community.

    We must face the facts that in the real world, all this stuff we see on social media about love, acceptance, tolerance is just a bunch of BS. Our country electing an unqualified racist asshole should open our eyes that doing the right thing is never going to happen. We must all fight our own way and keep making our voices heard no matter our orientation. Trans People can’t be mad when Black, Gays, Latino’s and the list goes on, don’t accept them, because in a sense none of us are accepted in this country unless you are a heterosexual white male. We are all fighting to have our voices heard and our concerns met. Sadly, it all boils down too many different groups with no real power fighting with each other. I come to realize that I can’t be mad at the homophobic brother spouting off nonsense about gays, or the messy people who talk about me or the racists in this country, or any number of other things that happen to us all every day, I can only be a better me. Some people minds are never going to be changed. No matter what Lil DooDoo says, Tami Roman or any other D-List black celeb, are Trans people going to stop existing and living their life, and the same can be said of gays and other group of people- Hell No. The people who really make the decisions concerning us all don’t give a flying FUKK what none of us have to say and we sit by and don’t say a mumbling word to them and they make decision that can literally kill us or our families. At the end of the day we are all human and we are really only concerned with what goes on in our particular world and to the people we care about if we are honest.

    1. What’s funny is that the D-List black celebrities are the ones who wants to be A-List but they have mediocre talent, uneducated, insecure, ratchet, and pathetic and guess who is impressed by it? Exactly! The people that they attract: hoodrats. My opinion. My observation.

    2. It’s crazy how they expect everyone to be an advocate and say the right things.

      Everyone doesn’t even interact with transgenders🤷🏾‍♂️

  10. What Lil’ Duval said is reprehensible and unacceptable. And Tami Roman backing him up is also reprehensible and unacceptable–as are those in her “Amen Corner” who commented on her YouTube video.

    If you are a straight man in a locker room or on a street corner and a man that you perceive as gay “looks” at you or even “hit on you”, does that merit your attacking him or killing him–to some it does. To me it does not.

    Death and physical violence are reserved for self-defense–not because you are “offended”. To think otherwise devalues trans lives. To think otherwise devalues gay lives. And it’s not hard to imagine similar scenarios with black men and white daughters. To think similarly devalues black lives. Ask the mother of Emmitt Till.


  12. If you are so embarrassed and humiliated about sleeping with a transwoman then kill yourself.Problem solved.Killing them doesn’t change the fact that you slept with them.Your manhood or masculinity or heterosexuality isn’t restored by killing them. You are still a man who slept with a person you consider a man.You can’t unring that bell.So Kill Yourself rather than taking someone else’s life.How about that?

    The fact is most of these men who are sleeping with these transwomen know they are trans and have sought them out.They know what street and what clubs these women hang out at.So stop with this BS about them not knowing they were trans.They know they are trans they are just embarrassed that people know they were with a transwoman.Men being truly deceived are the exception not the rule.Also if this is such a big concern for you then stop hooking up with strangers.Stop having sex with people you don’t know.If you spend time getting to know people you will learn more about them and more than likely they will share more information with you.

    1. But I think you missed the point of the question, he was asked what he had sex with them and he DIDN’T know that the person was a man how will he feel

      1. No I didn’t miss the point if he slept with someone and after the fact learned they were trans. He would want them to die.How about you would be so humiliated you would want to die.How about killing yourself rather than killing them.Then your humiliation ends.

      2. @Y Colette, so you don’t see nothing wrong with a person not be honest with the person they are sleeping with, it’s the same as if somebody have a STD and not tell you until after you sleep with them, you gonna be pissed off you to.

      3. Of course I think it is wrong I mentioned in another comment I don’t sleep with married men.But I am not going to kill or talk about killing a married man who lied and said he wasn’t married and we had sex.Even though he deceived me he doesn’t deserve to die.I have heard countless comments that a transwoman deserves to die for tricking a guy and I find that troubling.
        If a racist white guy who doesn’t believe in interracial relationships was tricked by a fair skinned black or biracia woman passing as white would anyone laugh if he said she needs to die.She lied about her race and deceived him

      4. Even if that was the case that person will have right to be angry, because he was lied to, but even with in the video he said he wouldn’t kill the person, that he’ll be so mad that he would want to kill that person

  13. All I do is laugh at shit like this.

    I’ve seen members of the LGBT community “read” or make awful insults about the most trivial things and pick apart real women while claiming transwomen were superior, and call other men gay as an insult all the time.

    Funny how soon as someone puts them in the hot seat its “words are violence” and they make leaps and bounds to make someone the enemy.

    If Lil Duval is such a nobody why do you care what he thinks? If heterosexual black men are so problematic, why do you lust after them so much?

    Like I’ve always said, it comes back to them always needing affirmation. Like that friend ready to jump on you when you disagree with them. It’s either all or nothing.

    I think he’s an asshole, but I do not think he hates anyone, especially since he was the only family member that attended his sister’s wedding.

    Everyone keeps spouting that same statistic too. How many black men have been killed this year? How many black women?

      1. I’m noticing they push a similar narrative with those that are HIV+.

        I read this status saying labeling those with HIV as “sick” is offensive or similarly saying you’re “clean” implies those with HIV are dirty.

        Some gay lawyer was even fighting to get decriminalize not informing someone you’re positive and still engaging in sex with them. All because its “uncomfortable” disclosing your positive status.

        I would never mix with most of these snowflakes.

        What are you all during as a collective to protect transwomen? Are you getting them jobs so they don’t have to resort to sex work? What legislation are you pushing to protect them? Or are you waiting on the white gays to get it done while you write long statuses about some comedian’s words? lmao

    1. @ Jay, my spirit animal in the Foxhole. I want to come to H-Town and hang out with you Bro, maybe go to the gym and then get us a 2-piece and some lemon cake at Frenchy’s. 🙂

  14. I think people are hearing what they wNt to hear. He was asked about being deceived into a sexual encounter with a trans. He didn’t say oh if I simply see a trans I’m going to harm them. He is not promoting violence against trans people. It’s not rocket science and people are running with his statement. Nobody would have said shit if he said he would kill someone if they lied about having heroes and gave it to him. Hell people were coming for Ushers head not to long ago. But since it’s trans it’s wrong gtfoh. Nobody likes to be deceived.

    1. Exactly. Its amazing how people are drawing their own conclusions about his words. He’s a “nobody” to ya’ll but you sure are pressed about his opinion lol

  15. Wasn’t his words in the context of the transsexual deceiving him into sex and only after the fact did he find out that she was a he. Are we surprised that a man would react that way to fraud. In his mind, he was deceived into having gay sex, which to most men, as it seems, is still an issue for them to do, especially if word gets out.

  16. while killing is way too far. I see see it as him saying the same thing if anybody were to lie and deceive him. rappers get on that show everyday and use harsh words towards any and everybody. we don’t need to be overly sensitive about every comment. I wish we banned and crucified our politicians who Are basically passing laws that are killing people or allowing people to die every day. duval has no power to do anything unless we give it to him

    1. @Tony…but you have to be careful with your words.
      There are people out there ignorant enough to do what he says, even though he may not have meant it literally. But you don’t advocate killing or any bodily harm towards another.
      If his sister were to get beaten up or worse, god forbid, do you think he would react differently? I’m sure he would.

  17. Never heard of him..or Tami…Im not into media heavly but whoever they are but I’m so sick of folks wishing death on others because they are different… Honestly, I’m not a fan of the operation gender change stuff…I don’t think trans should die though. I’ll stand up for anyone that is handled wrongly by super bigots, trans or not.

  18. My issue with him is saying he would kill a transwoman.Was he joking,maybe? 14 black transwomen have been killed this year,including one killed a few days ago.I am pretty sure some of them were killed by men who made that same statement.”I would kill them” and they did kill them.
    If a racist said,” If my daughter brought home a black boyfriend I would kill him” is that funny?

    Duval’s sister is a lesbian.She wrote a post saying he was the only family member who attended her funeral.Her parents didn’t approve of her marrying a woman.If a person said, “If my daughter brought home a girlfriend I would kill my daughter and the girlfriend” would that be funny?

    I don’t have a problem with a person saying they can’t stand blacks,gays,transwomen,etc my issue is with saying they deserve to die because they deceived you or dated your daughter.

    I don’t date or have sex with married men.So if a man didn’t tell me he was married and I had sex with him.Can I kill him for lying to me about his marital status?#sarcasm

  19. To be honest I’m more upset at the breakfast club’s reactions to what he was saying than anything. They kept pushing it and egging him on with their laughter and such. I don’t expect anything from lil Duvall , never have. While his comments were his “truth” the moment he said anything about killing trans people that’s when the laughter and jokes should have stopped and Charlemagne, Envy, or Angela should have stepped in and called him out on that and switched gears. But instead they kept instigating it by bring up Janet Mock ( who they just had on their show a week ago to dicuss various topics), and asking him if he thought she was pretty and crap.

    We’ve had a high number of black transwomen who have been killed this year by black men. It’s not a joking matter.

  20. It’s one thing for someone to say that they don’t accept you, it’s a completely different story when they believe that you should also be murdered or deserve to die. Someone believing that people should be killed because of their gender identity or sexual orientation is not just some minor difference of opinion that should be accepted.

    By that logic I guess black people should just stop “getting bent out shape” about racism, discrimination and being murdered by the police. A lot of white people are racist so let’s just accept that as their “truth” and stop fighting back against it, right?

    1. ^so then my thing is…

      when it comes to other people’s “truth”,
      what do we accept and don’t?
      lil duval was out of control for his comments on murder,
      but let’s say he didn’t say that.
      he just said he doesn’t like transgenders.
      would have been wrong for him to say that out loud?

      what is “too truthful”?

      1. It wouldn’t be wrong for him to say that he doesn’t like transgenders. That’s how he feels. HOWEVER, for him to advocate KILLING someone…that’s on a whole ‘nother level.
        Violence towards another is wrong, sorry. THAT level of violence, at least. Violence is a last resort, if lets say your life is at risk.

        Once again, the quasi-celebs put their foot in their mouths. And Tami backs him up because she’s a violent chick herself. She’s got anger issues.

        And who is Lil’ Duval again?

  21. Sorry but Tami Roman can miss me with the “Living his Truth” bullshtt!!! She basically agrees with Duval’s sentiment of violence towards transgenders and homosexuals.

    Her example of someone having to slap Chaz Bono after discovering he is transgender is proof that this bitch is a bigoted double speaking phony! I’m not surprised by her position as she is typical of most Black women.

    1. ^i don’t like him,
      but i wanted to see another perspective for his ignorance.
      he is wrong tho and the fact he won’t apologize for it…

      i was right about the feelings i have about him.

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