Jeramie Hollins Has More Pipe Leakage

*the following is parental advisory.
viewer discretion is strongly advised.

so jeramie hollins gave us “tree truck pipe” in his last few entries.
everyone wondering how he’s really packing all that meat?
was it real?
did they digitally enhance it in the studio?
so many questions.
well he got some pipe leakage via “supreme black men”

…and i’m still:

 you would feel that thing all in your esophagus.
don’t get me started how deep it would feel during back shots.

for ^that facial tho…
the ice pack is cooling off just thinking about it.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

22 thoughts on “Jeramie Hollins Has More Pipe Leakage”

  1. That gif 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    His dick is a bellywasher omg. I want it. I wish I had money so I could have it. Lol 😏

  2. Wow! His baby mama must’ve choked when he nutted in her. That shyt probably came through her throat! LOL

  3. Is that him in the video? Though I’m into dark dudes he takes some nice pics…Why does his dick look so good? Why does it look like it will make my soul complete? Why is my mouth still open as I type this… I just want a chance to hold Thor’s Hammer…Can I just nibble on it for a minute or two? If I ever get a hubbie wit a dick like this…Let me tell you..I will stand with pride and integrity and I will salute that pipe everyday! Amen…

  4. Jamari, you wrote of “Pipe Leakage”. It seems that it’s not leakage. That is, it seems that his penis is exposed on purpose and not by accident and not without authorization.

    Remember: Penis not erect (flaccid) is art. Penis erect is porn. That’s an erect penis so that’s porn.

    I wonder why he posed with an erect penis. What is the cash that he got or is getting from it? Even Milan Christopher’s full frontal nudity did not include any shots of an erect penis. All Milan Christoper’s “penis” shots were of a flaccid penis.

    Again: Penis not erect (flaccid) is art. Penis erect is porn. That’s an erect penis so that’s porn.

    1. But let Milan or qny other gay man just be naked and everybody here would be like “he’s such a bad example for the community. he’s the reason why straight people think gay people are promiscuous”. The hypocrisy

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