Jonathan Henderson Gets Some Pipe Leakage?

*the following is parental advisory.
viewer discretion is strongly advised.

so a foxholer sent in some alleged leakage of jonathan henderson.
he has been taking some ( x great shots with marvin bienaime ).
and allegedly,
jonathan should also be entering twerk competitions as well.
a tumblr by the name of “damnhebad” made these gifs…

did he allegedly get baited?
and why send ^those out of all things?
i’m highly confused right now.
well the good news is that he cleans up nicely

i really need pineapples,
especially ones trying to be in the public eye,
to stop sending nudes all willy nilly tho.
if that is jonathan in those gifs,
i predict a number of new photographers will be trying to shoot their shot.
wolves too.

lowkey: he gives more life allegedly twerking than modelling.

23 thoughts on “Jonathan Henderson Gets Some Pipe Leakage?

  1. I am an A$$ Man Myself and That A$$ Could sign my paycheck and have access to the bank account!! LOL Truth.

  2. Is the “when the checks stop coming” or “let’s get this $$”? Either way, #TwerkTeam

  3. Lawd have mercy…. I have two questions for the foxhole. Would you’ll give him some tail or ding dong with his room being being messy like that? because whenever someone room is messy I wonder when the last time they clean or changed their bed sheets. Second question…. Can people who bait others and put their videos or pictures out on the internet like this, can they be sued for this? I asked cause I’m seeing this a lot lately. Even though I love seeing these dudes naked it’s still a major invasion of their privacy.

    1. Honestly, I feel like most men are just messy.

      Especially straight or DL ones. If their spots are super clean, usually that means they have a woman coming through their cleaning lol. That’s just my experience I had to learn the hard way lol

      As long as the bathroom and kitchen are clean I don’t judge lol. Those are the two places I’m always committed to keeping clean.

    2. I was so focused on that ass I did not notice anything else. And mad you were able to look past all that to see mess…lol

  4. I think Im only turned off BECAUSE I thought he was more masculine and reserved than the GIFS have now revealed.

  5. He’s fibe sexy nice body and booty and dick and ball’s i will twerk with him.

  6. The tattoos match, the face matches and it’s the same bedroom as the top picture… Maybe I’m missing something? Why are we uncertain? Lol

    1. That begs the question of what are the models doing to get down with Marvin? Hmmmm

  7. That’s definitely him and goodness gracious that man KNOWS how to shake his cakes. Man!

  8. Check your April 6th, 2017 post – Jonathan Henderson Is A Tease(r). Those are the same tats on his shoulders,. arms and collarbone.

      1. Are we talking about wolves in general or the foxes and jackals and hyenas that do all that twerking? Remember now, wolves don’t usually twerk unless they’re strippers *looks at Jonathan “Heat” Martinez, Bolo the Entertainer*

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