I’m A Crock Of…

you have to get a crock pot.
i am about this crock pot life.
i even bring mine to work sometimes…”

that was karaoke a few months ago.
i never owned a crock pot before.
never touched or used one.
i was told it slow cooks the food and it tastes much better.
the way how she was talking about it…

…i clearly needed one in my kitchen.

i had to do some much needed shopping.
i had to buy a few dress shirts and pants for the new gig.
i also had to go to “best buy” to replace some headphones.
thank God for their 2 year replacement plans.

as i walked around looking for that ( x sexy security guard ),
who i didn’t find btw,
i stumbled upon an array of crock pots.
there was 2,
and 6 quart.
i sent karaoke a message about the size i should get.
she texted me back immediately:

and get the 4.”

the 6 looked too big.
the 4 wasn’t too expensive and it’s something i’d use a lot.

so i own one now.
it has a nice timer on the front and everything.
i wanted one with wifi,
but clearly,
that is a “first world problem”.
i’m excited to use it tho!
karaoke said she leaves hers on when she leaves for work,
but i know ima be paranoid af when i’m not in the crib to watch it.
 i’ve been told they’re safe so i’ll test it out tomorrow.

lowkey: of course,
karaoke flooded my text with recipes i’m dying to try.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “I’m A Crock Of…”

  1. If you’re from my country Louisiana city, crock pots are nothing new. My grandma had some when the family used to get together.

  2. My mom loves do use hers once every December to slow cook Pepperpot for Christmas. It comes out so nice, juicy and flavorful the next morning. I promise that thing is a miracle in the kitchen.

  3. I’m not the best cook so people always recommend the crockpot.

    If you have any healthy good recipes let me know how it turns out lol

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