it is a major blessing to see all those comments.
all the love that was shone was so bright.
we did it again

another set back being a set up for something else.
it won’t be the first or the last,
but it feels good that so many care for my well being.

thanks to each and every one who left comments,
sent emails,
and showed so much love on social media.

i have been getting prepared for next week since i got the news.
i’m out of everything so i had to get things together,
but it was on my iPhone “reminder” list to write this entry.
i’m so grateful and excited for this next chapter at this new gig!

lowkey: it’s so funny how God showed up.
did i even need to worry about not getting a job?
i got a call from another head huntress about a 3 week gig today too.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “MANY THANKS!”

  1. Praise God!!! We have to keep pushing, until a crack is made in the wall. You cracked it, now knock it down.

  2. Jamari, this might sound crazy, but I swear I can almost sense your spirit every time you comment. My intuition tells me you’re a kind, calm, determined, resilient, and caring person. But most of all, your quiet dignity shines through. Love you!

    1. ^thank you red!

      your perception of me is the same of many that i know in real life and even those who comment on the foxhole.
      i try to be as authentic as i can.
      thank you for the compliments and i love you as well!

  3. I mean, I did tell you constantly that 2017 was going to be the year you walked into your destiny; that you’d be abundantly blessed; and that what God had for you was for you. So yea. <3 I'm celebrating with you. Only because I know you're a good dude even when you don't reply to my e-mails lol…

  4. Aww congrats Jamari! i’m so happy for you! Damn, I’ve been on this roller coaster with you for a while now (YEARS!)…..and somehow….things ALWAYS work out for you.

    God looks out for you man.

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