it is a major blessing to see all those comments.
all the love that was shone was so bright.
we did it again

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Thank Dee Lawd!

tumblr_masb4ht8Ue1rtxj3eo1_500as i was cooking tonight,
i began to give thanks for everything god has done…
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Update A Minute Later

85913-To-Tired-To-Crythank you.
i want to thank everyone for allowing me a minute.
the comments and the emails were very nice and uplifting.
listen this last week at work…
i definitely needed to do a mental detox.
i’ve been feeling like a true to life zombie.
so what i did?…
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The Jamari Fox Computer Fund!

One of my readers suggested I accept donations for my computer fund.
I always believing in asking when in need of assistance, so why not?
So I set up a PayPal account this morning for the cause!


Thank you so much
Foxes, Wolves, Hybrids, and Vixens out there!