Update A Minute Later

85913-To-Tired-To-Crythank you.
i want to thank everyone for allowing me a minute.
the comments and the emails were very nice and uplifting.
listen this last week at work…
i definitely needed to do a mental detox.
i’ve been feeling like a true to life zombie.
so what i did?…

i would come in the crib and literally crash on the couch.
all parts of me is tired.
i have no energy to do anything.
tired in every which way,
or form.
the people at this job drain my energy every day.
i noticed i have been getting sick and my hair..
my fuckin hair…
…was breaking off at the edges.
it has been pretty bad.
my health and sanity are at an all time low.
god knows i haven’t even written anything for my book.
since i have all this extra work,
and my boss isn’t hiring another person,
this is now “my life”.
trying to even look for a another job right now is difficult.
lets face it,
the economy isn’t exactly booming right now.
so i feel sorta stuck.

9WAc32Bon the positive,
i realize that god is doing his work.
or maybe its the enemy?
whoever it is has been is making this job really uncomfortable.
i have no choice but to look up at this point.
i’ve been asking god to allow me to be my own boss.
allow me to make money doing what i love.
i have this wonderful talent,
on such an amazing outlet,
and i’m letting miserable people steal my joy.
why is this?
something is definitely wrong.
so before these people try and drive me crazy,
i’m going to find a way to leave that place.
not without another form of income coming in tho.
i ain’t crazy.

i’m just done.


10 thoughts on “Update A Minute Later

  1. Before great change lies chaos…always remember that…i’m going through some things right now myself i hit my limit in financial aid so i have to work and try to pay for classes out of pocket for my bachelors so that i can go to med school, and i cant go to med school without the bachelors degree…fell on hard times and had to move half way across the country to my moms house and lord knows i have been pretty much lived on my own since i was 21 and I’ll be 27 this month so it’s been hard readjusting to living under someone else’s roof…LIFE throws you a curve ball sometimes but you will overcome…i know it hurts but understand that nothing in life that is worthwhile comes without pain, sacrifice and hard work….your blessings are sure to come…keep pressing on and it’s okay to cry and have your days but stay down too long just keep waiting in expectation for GOD to deliver and He will!!!

    1. *DON’T stay down too long* is what i meant and I’m with The Man go outside and find something to entertain yourself i dont care if it’s something as simple as going to get a slice of pizza and sitting in the park..just step outside and get some fresh air…fresh air does the body good

  2. Hope your dream career comes QUICK cuz this job is putting you thru it. Glad you’re doing a little better

    1. Nah, Jamari needs to get out of the crib. He has funds now,so there is no excuse to for him not to find something to do to get his mind off his troubles at work. Lying up in bed just gives him more opportunity to think and let in negative thoughts. He needs a distraction. Something to do to get away from it all.

  3. Glad you are back and doing better bro. Sometimes you have relax your mind and unwind to get back on track.

    If liar would quit tomorrow would you still want to leave? Is that the main issue or are there other problems too? I know you already mentioned the heavy workload you will have next month.

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