Lay In Bed and Stay With Me (Sam Smith)

samsmithwhen i’m going through it,
i listen to certain albums on repeat to get myself together.
i like music that can make me process my thoughts,
as well as make me feel inspired at the same time.
my top pick is usually lana del rey,
but since “ultraviolience” is waaayyyyyy too depressimg,
and i didn’t want to listen to “born to die”,
i needed a new fix.
well i was catching up on “mistresses” the other night and i found it.
okay so check it…
so joss was laying in the bed after a good smash session with dr. mchottiepants.
they was in an “afterglow” of some sort.
as they were talking,
a song was playing in the background.
it sounded old school.
i love those kind of tracks.
i thought it was from a black singer i didn’t hear about.
my shaazam app directed me to sam smith from london.
it was from his new album,
“the lonely hour”,
and this is the song that was playing on the episode…









when i say i downloaded the song from itunes and had it on repeat heavy?
so you know i had to get the album.
i am hooked and it has been helping me through this funk i been dealing with.
i will admit,
i cried like a straight bitch listening to “life support”.
that whole album is my life-track.
almost every single song speaks about something ive been through.
everyone i have loved or wanted to love.
i don’t think this is an album i’d listen to on the way to “that place i work”,
because i’d be a mess by the time i got to the door,
but it’s something i’d pour me some drank and listen to in my crib.
i reaaaaallllllyyyy needed this to get me through.
funny enough,
upon further sniffing around,
the whole album is about a guy:

 “I’ve never been in a relationship before. I’ve only been in unrequited relationships where people haven’t loved me back. I guess I’m a little bit attracted to that in a bad way. In the Lonely Hour is about a guy that I fell in love with last year, and he didn’t love me back. I think I’m over it now, but I was in a very dark place.”

2vx0u8wme too sam.
me too.
i have no words.
you all have to check his album out.
it is simply amazing.
i think my foxes will like it especially.
mary j also graced the remix:

lowkey: if only our BLACK rnb singers would sing music like this.
they are so into this ratchet “bend you on the sink and eat your ass” thot music
like i can’t.
like can we get a good love song?
a break up song?
something with the vibe these uk singers are doing so well?
goodness gracious.
i guess the blacks only appreciate it when the whites do it so effortlessly.

check out “the lonely hour”: itunes | amazon | spotify

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Author: jamari fox

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12 thoughts on “Lay In Bed and Stay With Me (Sam Smith)”

  1. Europe embraces more traditional R&B which is why you hear artist like Adele and Sam Smith coming from there. A lot of today’s R&B artist in this country don’t make music with real instruments or sing songs with simple stories that don’t involve screwing. Sad what has become of R&B today.

  2. I am actually tired of listening to Sam.I have being listening to him daily since May.I heard about him when he publicly came out as Gay about a week before his CD dropped in US.He has been on GMA,Kimmel,Letterman, he played at the Apollo with Mary J.
    Luke James covered Stay with Me and Chris Brown did a funny cover of it.I’m on a Sam Smith break.

  3. I totally agree with your sentiments about how black artists need to make more music like this. In an interview The Dream gave last year, he stated that, in this era of music, “only white artist can make soul music” and that “black artist are really only concerned with making pop hits or club bangers” which I find to be sad but true

  4. J where have you been? Sam has been around the majority of this year. It’s better late than never though. LOL. Also check out Daley, he’s a little more upbeat, but has the same R&B vibe as well.

    1. I’ve been hearing this in the radio for weeks I’m a little over it but he’s super talented and his voice just melts my heart.

  5. Damn J, thank you so much for this, I heard this song 2 weeks ago while out of town for work in a rental with Satellite radio, and I didnt get the name of the artist and I wanted to know who it was, man I thought it was a Black singer and I was like finally some real R&B, sad they never play anything like this on regular Urban radio, you are right Black R&B is so disgusting that I hardly ever even turn on the radio, its like every song is gutter and Im no damn prude but enough is enough of the RATCHET. I am downloading this album after I post this, I will be so glad when we can get some real R&B again, thank God for Anthony Hamilton, Jill Scott etc, hopefully the R&B Divas will release some new music since they are getting a little shine again on TV.

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