Give Me A Minute, Please?

E2158this job is really started to get to me.
i’m feeling sick,
my hair has been breaking off,
and i’m just drained.
i’m completely drained.
i wanted to write about draya,
micheal brown,
and some other stuff
but i’m mentally not here tonight.
i need a minute to get it together.
i’m gonna go to bed early.
i apologize to the foxhole.
lets reconvene tomorrow?

lowkey: send some prayers my way.
i need it.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

18 thoughts on “Give Me A Minute, Please?”

  1. Take all the time you need off boo, I understand exactly how you feel. You know the foxhole ain’t going nowhere.

  2. Jamari, it’s not good, nor is it healthy if your job is affecting you like this. I would strongly suggest that you start looking for another job, as low key as you possibly can. If the job has outreach services that allow you to talk to counselors, or something along those lines…take advantage of it. NO JOB is worth your health and sanity, man.
    Take it from me…and I work in HR!

  3. Jamari, I’m sending positive vibes your way. Take all the time you need; your posts can wait. However, when one is feeling down, it can be good to let others know so they can be there to help and support. We could offer perspectives that could be of help in what you’re experiencing. Keep that in mind. Also, should you wish to communicate offline, you know you may. Be strong.

  4. J, I am so feeling you on this. My job which has rescued me out of my poverty stricken state from last year, has turned into a nightmare. I am a workaholic, sometimes working 7 days per week and I still cant keep up. After the financial tightrope I walked on last year, I hate to complain because I have good benefits and a steady paycheck, but at what cost. Its nice to be able to do just ordinary everyday things that I had to put on hold like hanging out with friends going out to eat, but even that has suffered. I have no time for friends and family anymore. I have had good friends call me and put me on blast because I dont make it to there functions, family members are upset because I dont call, it sort of bothers me because Im just the type of person to show up at everything and check on everybody, but I got to make a living because none of these people are providing any type of financial support. Even my post at the foxhole have dropped LOL. I cherish every single free moment but I am always stressed because I cant stop thinking about something I missed on a report. I have lost weight because I am not eating, I barely eat once a day, have to make myself go to the gym. I feel like I am losing my normal life to this job. It like Im always running non stop, so with that being said, take as much time as you need away because trying to do too much will eventually catch up with you take it from me.

  5. start searching for a job elsewhere, don’t quit or anything until you have something else lined up..stay in prayer bro and ask GOD to show you what your next step needs to be…everything will work out this is just one of those seasons in life right now

  6. Everybody needs to take a step back and regroup once and a while. Take as much time as u need to get right cha.

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