watch out for those folks who only want to suck you dry

most people are used to being treated like shit.
it’s a familiar language to them.
this is why with some males,
when you treat them like shit,
they will chase you even harder.
that requires your energy to be one of:

“I’m used to dealing with men,
whether fine or not,
and you aren’t acting what my worth requires.”

many of us are too insecure to get to that point.
when we have an open spirit,
everyone will try to find a way inside.
one of the foxholers sent me this video on twitter…

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Give Me A Minute, Please?

E2158this job is really started to get to me.
i’m feeling sick,
my hair has been breaking off,
and i’m just drained.
i’m completely drained.
i wanted to write about draya,
micheal brown,
and some other stuff
but i’m mentally not here tonight.
i need a minute to get it together.
i’m gonna go to bed early.
i apologize to the foxhole.
lets reconvene tomorrow?

lowkey: send some prayers my way.
i need it.


I’ve Had 15 Partners In 2 Weeks



It is something that is rampant in our lifestyle.
I mean there is the whole “man” thing.
As men, we just want to FUCK.
This is why online sites and gyms were made for.

Going to the club.
Going to a sex party.
Hell, your next door neighbor.

We meet em,
we beat em,
then back to seeking em.

This lifestyle is a sex dominated industry.
Yes, industry because it seems that is what it has become.
I think we need to just go ahead and make business cards.
And that is cool, because sex is fun and it feels good.
Especially when you have this fucking you soooooo stupid:

But what happens when you are tired of sex and looking for more?

Can you literally be all FUCKED out?

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