watch out for those folks who only want to suck you dry

most people are used to being treated like shit.
it’s a familiar language to them.
this is why with some males,
when you treat them like shit,
they will chase you even harder.
that requires your energy to be one of:

“I’m used to dealing with men,
whether fine or not,
and you aren’t acting what my worth requires.”

many of us are too insecure to get to that point.
when we have an open spirit,
everyone will try to find a way inside.
one of the foxholers sent me this video on twitter…

^this is how i felt when i was laid up in my bed in pain.
the issue is…

They will treat you like a secret while using you for your kindness.

they will hit you up because you’re the only decent person to them.
some aren’t used to decency.
they know you’ll keep their secrets close to the chest unlike their other “friends”.
you watch them share and like other folks,
but they never do any of that with you.

other males who are curious about their attraction to the same sex do this to us.
we’ll be there for them,
give great advice,
become a sex toy or dick-sucking rest stop,
and they’ll completely shut you out from anything else in their life.
they’ll sit up on the phone with you all day,
text you all night,
but they’ll never hit you up to go chill and have fun alone.
all of these scenarios leave you feeling un-wanted and drained.
i like to call them “energy suckers” because they’ll suck you dry.
you’re dealing with your own shit,
and theirs,
but only to be treated as an afterthought.


once they meet someone they deem “better” than you,
they’re gone until it ends in disaster.
they’ll come back bearing gifts of tea about what happened while suckin’ your energy dry.
rinse and repeat.

Thank God I have friends who are the opposite.

i have a whole foxhole that i can turn to and vice-versa.
i do know a few in my life that are exactly like what that vixen described.
gay or straight.
these types are not exclusive to one community.
YOU are the reason.
your energy and vibe attract the darkness in others.
people are people and many of them are users,
some who are too ignorant to even realize.
proceed with caution.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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