they are about to send “well you’re fired” emails to those who don’t wanna let go of WFH

after my last job,
one of my life’s passions is to drag toxic corporate environments and bosses.
i’ll drag a toxic job while drinking chamomile tea and listening to mozart.
that tweet above highlights the dark side of the panny coming to an end tbh…

when wfh first went down at the start of the panny,
jobs were in a tizzy.
as the panny went on,
everyone adapted to their wfh schedule.
humans are capable of adapting.
now that cities are opening up again,
they are expecting employees to come back into an office again?


wfh shows how productive employees can be without being in an office setting.
the work still gets done and employees are happy.
we don’t have to watch bosses give special privileges to idiot employees.

“Lemme go get Starbucks with this hoe to prove I’m cool with her.
I’ll listen to her gossip about other employees and talk about her man problems.”

it’s ridiculous.

Adjust work schedules to fit the current times.

bosses gotta get with the times.
some folks work better without being in an office and dealing with office politics.
maybe once a month (or week) they can come in,
but a majority of it can be done how it’s been working these days.
it’s about to get interesting once they tell folks it’s time to go back in.
the revolution has begun.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “they are about to send “well you’re fired” emails to those who don’t wanna let go of WFH”

  1. The company I formerly worked for is quite the opposite. My former colleague told me they sent an email informing everyone that WFH is now permanent. Provided them with computers & other hardware to get the job done. The company realized that they could do the job without being in office & will save tons of money on leasing the building & utility bills. Plus not having to worry about dress code enforcement & office drama.

    1. EXAAAACTLY! I was just about to comment all of this. I have family and friends in various levels of management at many major corporations and they are all reiterating these same perspectives. The pandemic showed major corporations that they could cut costs in ways they hadn’t thought of or had been able to put into practice before. So yes, have employees work from home, increase their own personal costs by using their electricity for them, to do a job that they’re going to pay them the same amount for.

  2. Just had this conversation with a good friend who told me that they may have to go back in July and he is having anxiety, he never realize how much being in traffic causes so much unhappiness and how much he spends on gas. He told me he gets way more done at home. My job has always been 4 days at home and one in the office so it was no adjustment working from home, my job how ever requires I go to other locations to conduct business so I still deal with traffic but I can pretty much set my own schedule so it usually works but most of my other peeps who work from home are feeling the same way about returning. Companies are probably grumbling having to spend so much on office space and I am sure all of the service businesses like Coffee Shops, Cafes, Restaurants want the office foot traffic back because those that did not go under are probably hanging on by a thread.

    Another thing that has happened post Covid is lots of people have dropped out of church all together and are finding they enjoy not being tied down every week and not feeling guilt paying tithes and offerings because as human nature would have it, out of sight and out of mind. Many churches will be the next thing to go under. Although I am fully vaccinated I am still worried about all these Bozos who are not and all of these variants out in the atmosphere so honestly nothing will probably be back to normal again at least in most of our lifetime. Sadly so many things have changed and people have been through so much. 2020 was awful and 2021 for me at least has proven to be even worse as I have lost several close friends and family to not only Covid but other tragedies. I think many of us are afraid to be in such close proximity to others for extended periods of time having to worry about wearing mask and sanitizing everything every minute. Home provides much more comfort. I actually miss seeing my co-workers sometimes and I never thought I would say that but for the most part all of them are pretty cool. We finally had an in-person staff meeting a couple of weeks ago and after not seeing them in person for a year and a half actually made me smile. it is going to be real interesting to see what the future holds when everything opens back up, it is probably going to be such a huge shift in many different industries.

    1. ^many people are about to quit and find jobs at companies that prefer a WFH schedule.
      they can’t expect people to suddenly go back into an office after a full year adjusted to being at home.

      i was streaming church,
      but after so many stories ive posted about shady churches,
      jamari cut the cord and became more spiritual.
      i was heavy on the td jakes and think around the time the rona started that i stopped tbh.

  3. It’s crazy cause I work at a hospital, so my life really hasn’t changed much (aside from having to wear the mask ALL day & therma scanning myself) buts it’s been the same hours, same days etc. so I have to remember how hard it is for most people

  4. Well me personally, I’m 50/50 with it. I think it depends honestly. I work in a call center for a hospital and on one hand, while I understand the perks of working from home (save on gas money, can get up later, no uniforms, etc) on the other hand, for the type of stressful ass job I have, you NEED to be around ppl who understand what your going through and to vent. I’m the type who feel other ppls energy and that calms me in stressful situations and this job is no different. It’s kind of hard to vent and feel others energy through Zoom, lol.

    We’ve lost about 15 ppl within the past year, and I honestly think it wouldn’t have been as much had we all still been in the office. One of my managers who is apart of that 15 who left, said herself she HATES working from home and needs to get out and likes to see everyone. That, and to get away from her kids, lmaooo.

    But like I said, my job is stressful and being home by yourself does not help.

    But the main thing that I’ve noticed about this whole thing is ppl have been getting over like fat rats with this work remotely shit. My mother works for the post office and since Covid started, she keeps complaining that nobody has been coming to work and it’s gotten to the point that mail is way backed up and they have to outsource it just to get it processed. She was like the ppl that work with her are really taking advantage of the whole virtual learning thing and it’s getting out of hand…smh.

    But I think my main gripe with WFH is the ppl I’ve had to train since it happened. These ghetto ass ppl are sooo easily distracted working from home, with multiple kids and babies in the background tryna multi task and you just can’t do that with a call center job. They expect you to be focused on a call with no distractions and they even make you sign this paper before taking the equipment home and it says “working remotely is not a substitute for child care”.

    Like don’t get me wrong, I get it, u can save money on babysitters and yada yada yada, but at the end of the day, you still have a job to do and when these pts call in, they don’t want to hear your baby crying in the background and kids running all around, dogs barking, SpongeBob on the TV, like atleast pretend to have some pride in your job.

    They JUST decided to make all the new hires work in the office atleast for a year to prove themselves before they can work from home and I was like “yall should have been did that, cause half these new agents that got fired or quit wouldn’t have even taken the job to begin with if they had to come in. Cause we really did just waste our time training them just to leave right after” So I’m glad they put that in place. If these ppl want a job bad enough and are serious about it, they’ll bring they asses in or simply find another job.

    Like the last girl I trained (who was 7 months pregnant mind you which is a whole other rant I have…smh), I trained her for about 2/3 weeks and as soon as they told her she had to come in, she quit. Like literally the day before she had to come in. So we both wasted our time.

    But some ppl just don’t need to work from home. In currently re-training a dude who’s been here about 3 years. He wasn’t all that good to begin with but working from home made his work ethic 10 times worse. He got easily distracted, lazy, his call intake dropped, he was making mistakes, it was terrible. Now he back in the office as punishment and thats where he needs to be.

    I guess all of that to say, I think BOTH options have their advantages and disadvantages. But it mainly depends on the worker and their character. If their the type to get the job done at home, that’s great. But if their the type u gotta constantly worry about, getting distracted, lazy, not doing their job…bring they asses in, lmaooo

  5. I have IT and software engineering experience plus finished a M.S. during the pandemic online. The tools used in programming are robust to support WFH, so there is no need to be in a physical space. However, I do support in-person activities such as networking events, as those things build community. If a person proves they are incapable of WFH, then require them to work in the office until they prove they can be trusted.

  6. There really is no reason to go to an office. Offices only exist to feed egos of management.

  7. Trust me—-this ain’t over by a long shot. Only 29% of Americans are fully vaccinated, with the rest being wasted because folks don’t want it. They may send you back now but by years’ end you’ll be back at home. Many companies may offer a hybrid.

    Companies across the country are struggling to hire people as people have gotten a taste of what it’s like to have a flexible schedule, and livable wages on unemployment. There are companies closed because no one is applying. This is only the beginning.

  8. I like working from home every other day. Those 5 day weeks are going to be nothing short of hell when people have to start going in every day. Commute wise, you don’t have to worry about driving home since all you have to do is stop working. I think there are less distractions at home too.

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