would you stay if your partner confessed to smashin’ someone in the crew? (janet mock did!)

what is going on bts of fx’s “pose“?
it’s been some drama since the second season.
the final season appeared the other night,
but all folks are still talking about is janet mock’s meltdown.
at the premiere party at “jazz at lincoln center“,
she went ape shit over her worth and other “foot in the mouth” in a 15-minute speech.
what had me looking at her crazy was how she embarrassed her manz “papi“,
who is played by angel bismark cruiel on the show.

according to “page six“…

But the speech took an even more personal turn when Mock demanded that boyfriend Angel Bismark Curiel “stand up … right now!”

Bismark Curiel nervously stood up, and Mock said to the crowd, “Let me tell you something about love.”

“Today, I was gonna let [Angel] go,” she said. “I was gonna let you go, right, but what did I do? I f–ked someone on the crew, right?”

At that revelation, one of the show’s guest stars could be heard gasping and asked, “What the hell is happening?”

Angel, Angel. I’m not losing you. You hear me? You are f–king important to me,” Mock continued. “I don’t want to live in a house alone. I want you. You motherf–ker. Right there. That’s who I want. I’m getting what’s mine.”

it’s bad enough i heard she allegedly cheated on her ex-hubby with him.

janet seems like she has a cheating issue.
angel is a fine young penis,
but this seems to stem from something deeper.
her pleads to him while she was on that stage was quite telling too.
let’s chalk this up to being overworked and underpaid.

lowkey: angel must really like her or she is completely dickmatized.
i can’t imagine someone confessing something so personal in a crowded room and sticking around.
if it was meeeeeeee…
she’d be in that house,
to think about what she did…

article cc: page six

9 thoughts on “would you stay if your partner confessed to smashin’ someone in the crew? (janet mock did!)

  1. This is concerning behavior. She did not have to divulge such private information. Its cruel and disrespectful.

    Is she doing drugs, or just mean?

  2. Jamari, from what I’m reading Janet Mock is a manipulative abuser.

    Pressuring him to standup, revealing her infidelity in a public manner instead of private, this was all to shame him from leaving. “I WAS HONEST! HOW COULD YOU LEAVE ME? I GAVE YOU HONESTY IN FRONT OF THE WORLD!”

    The timing, etc was 100% manipulative and NOT remorseful.
    I have nothing more to say on this matter.

    We have this problem where when someone is “the first”, they cannot do any wrong. Um, yeah

  3. Janet has a substance abuse issue much like Pray Tell this finale season of Pose. Think art imitating life here. I wonder if Pray Tell and Ricky is based on Janet and Angel’s relationship? Janet is Pray Tell and Ricky is Angel. Feels like it was inspired by it. When I tap into her energy, I feel she is clingy, co-dependent, and has self-esteem issues. I want to feel sorry for her cause I know it must be hard being POC, trans, and a creative type. So talented but battling some inner demons. She can pull through this but she first has to admit she has a problem.

    Angel, when I read into his energy, I definitely get a gay-for-pay vibe from him, like he’s doing what he has to do for a come up. Ambitious, young, borderline opportunist. He’s not even 25 yet so he has some time to figure out how the Hollywood game works. I do see him with a Hispanic/Latinx looking woman with 2 daughters.

    I wish them both the best on their journey.

    1. Wouldn’t Ricky be the cheating one since he did cheat on Damon? He was happy as hell to be with him but he couldn’t control his dick

  4. I came across the interview she done with Oprah. I watched her declare the love for her husband. Up until this recent headline I thought she was till married to him.

    Angel… you in danger girl.

  5. The level of embarrassment he had to feel in that moment. The way I see it, the relationship is predatory given the age they got together and that he is her employee. I don’t how he stayed with her because since she cheated with someone on the crew, that is right up under his nose. I would have left.

    1. You always provide the most intelligent and articulate commentary on this blog. <3

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