I Just Got Drained

c4a0f71363fecec1e0406c5d0efd6000so i’m sitting here,
watching celebrity apprentice,
and i get an alert that money was taken out my account.
i was now officially overdraft.
my account was drained.
my first thought was:

“what the hell????”

so then i get another message


uF9MjJo3QIaijySXC4iL_Confused Christian Baleit said my phone bill was paid.
now i know i’m not drunk.
my home-vixen asked me today what i wanted to christmas a while ago.
i could have told her these timbs i wanted,
or this outfit from urban outfitters,
but i asked her if she can put some money on my bills.
phone and cable.
she said she would do it tonight.
so as i’m about to call my bank,
my phone rang right after:

“omg jamari!
I’m so sorry!
i pressed the wrong button and it charged you by mistake!”

tumblr_migjzefaMt1qj80alo3_500i’m soooooooo grateful she paid it tho.
she could have been just ear hustlin’ like others.
i can put that money in my savings account.
so this is a tip in the “gold digga” era:

you and your bills come first

its nice when someone wants to buy you something.
we all like nice things.
i know i do.
maybe instead of taking the money to buy ___________,
why don’t you put the money down on a bill?
it could be your phone bill or your rent.
always hit the biggest bill first.
rent trumps everything.
at least you are covered for the month.
i’d rather have my bills/rent,
or groceries put in my fridge,
than paying for some a material possession.
its smarter.
even if you live with your parents,
you can take 40% and save it for a rainy day.
tumblr_nbaxf0yFXk1tbmi9ho1_400i would love if i could have my bills paid off for the next 3 months.
rent included.
i would stack just in case this job decided to fuck me.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “I Just Got Drained”

  1. That wSs a blessing, that’s a good friend you have there.

    I feel you I need to have my bills paid off for this new year before I worry about looking fresh. If I go along with my plan I should have my mini debt paid off by March.

  2. Mike Epps, the comedienne, had a little thing on FBook today saying you are not broke if you paid your rent, and utility bills, and have food in your fridge, it shows that you took care of business. That is so me right now, I dont have much cash left after paying the bills and buying food, but I am not going to be put out in the cold either so I am still beyond blessed.

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