So Omarion Has “O-Cakes” and “O-Pipe”?

Screen Shot 2015-01-04 at 8.02.53 PMwell we are use to omarion for his “o-cakes”,
but was he trying to put his bid in for #eggplantfriday?
a f-bi had to update me on this scoop.
he posted the following on friday and i think…

Qujj857RHJKFxxvLTkNjDtV4iBBlNpRN8nLWP2UuUnknown…he knew what he was doing because he quickly deleted it.
its okay o cakes!
you don’t have to delete the evidence!
i’ll play along.
*wink wink*


tumblr_mxz6feUpM91s2wio8o1_400picture taken: instagram

Author: jamari fox

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11 thoughts on “So Omarion Has “O-Cakes” and “O-Pipe”?”

  1. Doesn’t he have a lady who he is in a relationship with? Put that eggplant away bruh. I ain’t trying to see that anyway.

  2. You said I was going to say. I guess a certain someone was feeling insecure and decided to take a pic from a certain angle knowing full and goddamn well what was poking out toward the fire. And it isn’t that rod in his hand.

    That’s a nice bulge tho.

      1. @Christian…Maybe his girlfriend ain’t giving him the attention he wants so he seeks online gratification by putting his bulge on display. Jamari mentioned awhile back that Omarion is short. Maybe he’s showing us that he makes up for his height in other ways.

      2. LOL. He is not insecure. Dude has been short his whole life and has been around for a minute in the industry. O is just showing off as usual, rather than showing his ass he is showing something different. Aside from that, I have to admit that I like him a lot more than I used to.

  3. IDK of anyone saying Omarion didn’t have a booty. He’s a short dude & that’s usually their most prominent feature. I think it’s more noticeable because he started working out more & shows it off more by sagging & wearing tighter pants (especially when he was “dating” Bow Wow). But I wouldn’t be surprised if he got a Brazilian butt lift from Dr. Miami. We all remember how John Legend’s booty looked bigger in pics taken by the paparazzi & his wife.

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