Diddy Makes A Doody on Instagram

the joy of being rich or at least “comfortable”.
i know i day dream about it many days sitting at my desk.
this is after the daydreams of liar liar and my boss falling into a snake pit.
well everyone is mad at diddy and his richness today.
he posted this on his instagram:

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 12.23.32 PM…and it had everyone flipping out.
ironically using the “wolf of wall street” as his meme.
for those who saw the movie then you know the jokes write themselves.
well after he got his e-ass handed to him,
he deleted it quickly.
the funny part is even tho it was really distasteful,
it actually made a lot of sense and here is why…

i find that in in every bad situation a dumb ass creates,
there is actually a message hidden underneath.
you just have to sniff it out.
i think what diddy was trying to say is you can’t become rich working under someone else.
if you want the lifestyle you desire,
you have to make it for yourself.
as blacks,
we have to work extra hard to prove ourselves in this world.
we have to play power games just to establish ourselves in corporate.
the problem i have is diddy didn’t offer any solutions or advice.
p-diddy-point-o in typical “new money pineapple” fashion,
he threw all this word vomit without tips.
he didn’t school anyone to the game.
he just thought that would inspire the masses.

not everyone desires his lifestyle.
it all boils down to what makes someone happy.
some people are okay with the “9-5” grind at a job that works.
they kissed so much ass that they are safe.
diddy-gifthey can work and rise up the ladder.
you have to start small in order to get big.
not every job is a plantation ran by modern day slave owners.
not everyone is suffering either.
some people are okay working their job,
saving their bread,
and being able to retire easy,
running a business is not easy.
packing up and saying “fuck this job” is not smart.
some of us are stuck and trying to make it happen.

…and diddy had to start somewhere.
  he didn’t just become “diddy”.
he also had people working “9-5 for him during his prime.
ima need him to never forget his past with his attentionisto foolishness.

low-key: i bought my laptop to work and i’m happily writing from lunch.
def gonna invest in that 13”.
that is one thing this “9-5” can help me with on my rise.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

18 thoughts on “Diddy Makes A Doody on Instagram”

  1. I honestly don’t see any problem with that post because it’s true, but coming from a rich person is somewhat problematic. I agree with you he should give some tips help us out

  2. I think he was trying to say that you have to put in that extra time to become successful. Sometimes that means working very late, coming in early, canceling plans you may have had after work, etc. That is what I’ve had to do at times. I ain’t rich, but it has raised my stock with the company I work for and gave me job security, because they know I always come through and get the job done. That is what I take away from this message. The problem here, however, is that he does not offer anything constructive like you said Jamari. He comes off like the rich guy pointing a finger and laughing at those of us who slave at a job for 8 hours a day. If he really wants to school people on how to get rich, he can do better than a goofy social media post. I don’t think it was meant to be disrespectful but it was distasteful.

      1. Well that’s the type of thing he should be doing. Write a book and tell people how to get rich. Tell them how to invest or start a business, or work there way up like him. Teach some of these youngins about work ethic. Ive heard him say stuff like this in interviews all the time. Bragging is fine but offer some substance.

  3. I don’t agree with him, there are lawyers and doctors right now who make six figure salaries who work a 9-5 under someone else. That does not make one rich, but building a savings can make them rich over a period of time if they are smart with their money. I know an ex DEA with well over one million in the bank and he is in his early 50’s and still building.

    I do not want to be rich, and I never had a unrealistic dream like that. I’ve never worked a day in my life, not gonna lie. However, when I do work a 9-5, I will be content and be the best damn worker I can be. I just want to live comfortably and be able to afford the shit I find desirable and tasteful, nothing major. I’ve never been about material objects and shit, that means nothing to me. Not everyone wants to lie on their back and take a dick up their ass just to get ahead. I’m tired of these celebrities and their whack ass mindsets. What goes up must go down, which is something they need to remember. As my Aunt says “you can’t take a U-Haul to heaven.”

    S/N: Everyone in the industry does not make it on their own. There are music artists right now who are rich, but they are signed to a label, which means they work for someone else. That label controls their destiny.

      1. Diddy said that to be smart, y’all better get hipped. Doesn’t he work for us? The people make him because they buy his products and support his artists by buying their albums. Without us, he would be…shall I say homeless. If someone can affect you financially, you work for someone else. Even an entrepreneur is not successful without the people, they just don’t work a 9-5 for a living.

  4. I don’t want to be rich either. I’d settle for being able to live comfortably, and being rich would just create a mountain of problems. I would have to remove myself to a location on the West Coast somewhere. LOL
    But Diddy worked/hustled his way to where he is now. He worked for Andre Harrell as an intern at Uptown Records, and within years Andre was working for him at Bad Boy. He definitely worked, but at the same time he fucked many of his artists over to get where he is. Shrewd businessman.

  5. P Diddy, Puff Daddy or whatever he calls himself is correct. Generally speaking–and with very few exceptions–you don’t get rich working for someone else. You get rich working for yourself. Ask Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, Bono, Paul McCartney, Jennifer Hudson, and on and on.

    One reason why African Americans have such high unemployment and high rates of poverty is because African Americans have such low rates of business formation.

  6. Are we all forgetting that Diddy is only where he is at because he’s a con artist? Adding his voice to songs that don’t need it so he can get royalty checks. That nigga ain’t slick. Him and Jermaine Dupri always did that shit. Not to mention, Diddy was an extreme kiss ass as well. Instead of telling people they should get on his level, why doesn’t he focus on trying to produce an artist that can last pass two albums.

    @The Man I love your Aunt’s quote.

  7. what tips can diddy give that haven’t already been said a thousand times? one clue was implied in the post (i.e. do something other than a 9-5 aka entrepreneurship). also, there are situations where u can become working a “9-5”, by having an valuable and rare skill, moving up the ranks, or being an early employee

  8. Offensive!

    Everyone doesn’t want to be rich. Wealth does not equal happiness or health. He has how many different kids by how many women? How many failed relationships? Almost 50 and never married. Exactly!

    Everyone doesn’t have aspirations to be an entrepreneur. It’s a lot of hard work and trial and error and luck!

    Some people are workers and they’re okay with that, because without people like them Diddy and any other entrepreneur or visionary wouldn’t be able to make their dreams a reality.

    They don’t do that shit alone!

  9. Did you notice ya boy JJ James on RHOA Sunday night? He was one of the guys at Kandi’s party with the mask on and the whip in his hands.

  10. Diddy forgot the cardinal rule. Not only do most people not know the truth, most don’t want to know the truth.

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