F*ck Me Harder

so my worst fear happened…

my graphics card almost went kaput on me.

well that’s not the fear.
i had to give my laptop to apple to get it fixed.
I’m under warranty so it’s free.
they said 3-5 days tho.
i nearly weeped.
so I have no computer right now.
i was about to charge the 13″ on my card,
but I decided against it.
I know.
i nearly did tho.
i literally had to have god escort me out the building.
being responsible sucks!!!!
i need baller wolf friends in my near future.
so sadly the foxhole will have to do without me until I can return.
thank you for all the emails!
keeping sending in good stuff so I’ll have some good updates!
oh and i’m good!
just feeling lonely without my computer.

love ya all and see you soon!

low key: typing this on the iPad sucked monkey balls,
but eh,
at least I got to update my people!

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

24 thoughts on “F*ck Me Harder”

  1. It’s cool we’ll all understand, it’s just all apart of keeping your house in order. Beside get all the free fixing with your apple while you have the warranty.

    1. ^i told them check the entire situation.
      I’m not doing this again.
      I may even have them bump up the speed although I’m not trying to wait any longer…

        1. ^lol
          thank you so much k.
          that means a lot that this site means as much to others as it does to me.

          def gotta invest in a other laptop for situations like this

  2. It’s all good jamari! I know we will have great reviews and updates for us in the next few days!
    Side note: I’m about to watch the have and the have nots tonight! I hope you will watch also and give us your review soon!

  3. This is a little late but premier of The Haves and Have Nots tonight.Empire on Wednesday.I’m at work so I am taping it

  4. I hate when stuff like this happens to me too, but one eventually realizes that he’s lived without these things before and he eventually gets a grip. It’ll go pretty fast. Perhaps you can use a break from some technology.

  5. I will await your return so I can get my daily fix.

    BTW…can someone help me with the lingo. Pineapple?

    1. Pineapple= N word, since we don’t use the N word around here, he came up with something less offensive. Hope this helps.

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