Spank Me (For My Own Good)

tumblr_llqcdzWasx1qclgeao1_1280so i did it.
before you guys judge me,
or spank me in the town square,
know that i did this for you

first of all: i missed you guys.
yes i did.
even if it was for a day.
shut up.
so i ended up buying the 13”.

imsorrylook i had too!!!
they had the audacity to tell me my baby wasn’t coming back until next week.
next fuckin’ week.
so i had to bite the bullet,
as my momz use to say,
and took a risk.
hell i jumped head first without looking at any rocks.
not my norm,
but “new year: fuck fear”.
i ended up charging 1300 for it.
i won’t even complain because i’m happy with my purchase.
its small and compact.
i’m looking at it as an investment anyway.
i can use for travel and “on the go”.
it’s for the foxhole!
so what i’m really trying to say:

itsgoodtobebacklowkey: all of these stories i saw in my hiatus.
i couldn’t deal.
i have a lot to say.
stay tuned.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

18 thoughts on “Spank Me (For My Own Good)”

  1. I feel your pain, being without your baby macbook for more than a few hours sucks – bite that bullet

  2. Great to have you back!!! In 2015 start taking risks and investing more in yourself. Because if you don’t who else will?

  3. Your laptop graphics card messing up was the perfect excuse for you to go ahead and buy the “13” huh? LOL. I ain’t mad.

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