I’ve Had 15 Partners In 2 Weeks



It is something that is rampant in our lifestyle.
I mean there is the whole “man” thing.
As men, we just want to FUCK.
This is why online sites and gyms were made for.

Going to the club.
Going to a sex party.
Hell, your next door neighbor.

We meet em,
we beat em,
then back to seeking em.

This lifestyle is a sex dominated industry.
Yes, industry because it seems that is what it has become.
I think we need to just go ahead and make business cards.
And that is cool, because sex is fun and it feels good.
Especially when you have this fucking you soooooo stupid:

But what happens when you are tired of sex and looking for more?

Can you literally be all FUCKED out?

I always say that you can look like you have way too much sex.
And not that good kind of too much sex.
You know the type where you afterwards you are hopping and skipping.
It is also the type that you have with your Wolf, one Wolf, and it is healthy.

You CAN however literally look like the soul was fucked right out of you.

That is the thing with fucking too many people.
You start to look like it.
Your skin looses it’s glow because you start to become an empty vessel.
One of which is a hub for stranger dicks to lay in.
You meet a dude and he throws any game (usually wack)
and you are on your knees in a hallway, sucking his soul out of him.

For a Wolf, fucking 15 Foxes in a month is looked at as a “RE-ENERGIZE“.
Since the Wolf is doing the fucking, he doesn’t have too much of an issue.
As a Fox however, that is a lot of wear and tear on the Foxhole.
When you finally do meet the Wolf of your dreams,
it will be like throwing a hotdog down a hallway.

And no one wants to the Loosey Goosey Fox.

It got me thinking about the phrase. “HOES BE WINNING!“.
Is that really true?
What exactly are they “winning”?
Free trips to the clinic and bad reputations?
And to the hoes who do win,
do they ever think about how they got to where they need to be?

Look, sometimes you see a Wolf and you just want to beat.
I will not lie and say they are Wolves who just are good for fucking.
But, at what point should you slow down and stop fucking so much?

I had to ask my Foxes and Wolves…

Is there really a limit to who we give the cheeks to?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “I’ve Had 15 Partners In 2 Weeks”

  1. Theres totally a limit!! When I was younger, I wasn’t what you would consider ran through, but lord knows j stayed getting it in!! But the past four years (I’m 30 now) I just haven’t been wanting to have sex, I’ve only had sex like 3 times, because I’m just not interested..I prefer to talk.. Shit, I wanna go on dates, and stuff too. I noticed that I’m respected more , guys Tend to think that you’re a lil classy, and they know you respect yourself of which rides over to you will respect them..

    1. ^I had my fun too…
      but one thing I liked is that no one knows my business.
      Plus, I want something more real.

      Sex with passion + A Wolf I am REALLY attracted too + We are together = SIGN ME UP

  2. I guess I cant really say much here becuase I had been with the same dude for the last five years, but to me the sex was something I was trying to avoid. I guess I’m not in the broken in phase yet, since I’m sorta new into the game on the sex side. I dont get pleasure from it really and like richieboi, I prefer to talk and go on dates.

  3. #whoisjamarifox :^I had my fun too…but one thing I liked is that no one knows my business.Plus, I want something more real.
    Sex with passion + A Wolf I am REALLY attracted too + We are together = SIGN ME UP


  4. Yes there is a time you need to cool the cakes. Just as with any workout you need good rest to get better. There are some who want to fuck all the time but what happens when it gets to old. Besides when you wait for it a lil longer the better it is even with a wolf with no stroke game

  5. I have been in this place for a minute. Everyone seems so sex starved and it turns me the hell off. It’s like fuck then get to know me and I can’t stand that. Get to know me. I don’t care how many times you throw your ass in my face, I am looking for a relationship, not ass.

    No matter how many times I tell people who are interested in me, they feel like they can eventually break me down all the while getting it in with others. It’s a mess. LOL. Oh well, let the search continue for someone that can take the time to develop a relationship before the sex happens and not have the hidden agenda to pretend to be interested in hopes that I will beat it up then bounce.

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