Just Get Behind Me, Wolfie.

I like when you lay on top of me.

I like feeling the weight of your body pressed against mine.
I like putting my nose on your neck and inhaling your scented flesh.

Issey Mikake?

I like when you slightly press your tongue against my neck.
I like when you put both of your juicy lips on it and start sucking.
I like when you run your hands up and down my side.
I love when you aggressively hold onto my ass.

I like looking in your eyes.
I like dancing with your eyes.
I like that I know what you are thinking just by the way you are looking at me.
I like kissing you.
I like tongue kissing you better.

I like when you just lay with me, fully clothed.
I like when we look out the window in silence.
I like when you hold me and we just lay.
I like when we say nothing.
I like when we don’t anything.
I like silence with you.

I like it when we lay.

Written By Jamari Fox
Short story.
(C) 12.5.11 8:45pm

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “Just Get Behind Me, Wolfie.”

  1. I kike the words you write here, I like the fact that the likes are similar, I like that I can read what you write. I like!

  2. I like the same things you like, I like the fact that I can read this, I like what you wrote, I like that I can close my eyes and visualize what you wrote in my mind, I like!

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