Let’s Just Fuck And Get It Over With

you like to fuck me, don’t you?

i know.
i like to fuck you too.
we fuck really good.
our sexual chemistry is… influential.
remember when we fucked in front of your best friend?
he said he was about to join us.
no wait…wait… remember the first time we ever fucked?
you thought it would be cute to decorate the bedroom with candles.
it made me smile.
obviously you didn’t know we were going to… fuck.
that “raw passionate nasty” type of fucking.
i hate you fucking.
make up sex fucking.
i miss you fucking.
just got out of jail fucking.
“i waited a long time for this” fucking.
fucking has no romance.
there are no candles or roses on the bed.
anita baker or teddy pendergrass.
it’s an explosion of lust.
and you lusted me… hard.
on the floor.
like an animal.
making me beg.
making me cry.
i felt like your nasty bitch.
i actually loved it.
i wanted you to stop.
you didn’t.
you alley ooped all in my shit.
did the dougie in my booty.
you took it and owned it.
i had no choice.
i didn’t care.
it was good.
it was amazing.
it was dynamic.
i could still smell you on me the next day.
but… we have to stop this.
it isn’t healthy.
i can’t keep doing this.
it isn’t going anywhere.
you just want my ass.
the lock to the garden of ecstasy.
i just want your dick.
the only thing that tames me.
i become your slave.
you like that.
i hate that.
your dick has this control over me.
shit i’m horny now.
let’s fuck and get it over with.
end it once and for all.

ya know what?
i’ll let marsha ambrosius sing it for you in her new song

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Just Get Behind Me, Wolfie.

I like when you lay on top of me.

I like feeling the weight of your body pressed against mine.
I like putting my nose on your neck and inhaling your scented flesh.

Issey Mikake?

I like when you slightly press your tongue against my neck.
I like when you put both of your juicy lips on it and start sucking.
I like when you run your hands up and down my side.
I love when you aggressively hold onto my ass.

I like looking in your eyes.
I like dancing with your eyes.
I like that I know what you are thinking just by the way you are looking at me.
I like kissing you.
I like tongue kissing you better.

I like when you just lay with me, fully clothed.
I like when we look out the window in silence.
I like when you hold me and we just lay.
I like when we say nothing.
I like when we don’t anything.
I like silence with you.

I like it when we lay.

Written By Jamari Fox
Short story.
(C) 12.5.11 8:45pm