It Ends Here.

“jamari fox displayed the kind of qualities we want in our company…

that is what the head huntress said about my interview this week.
she was excited about the feedback she got about me.
i can’t remember all she said,
but they loved me after they met with me.
she shared something else as well…


you know,
i felt good about this interview than the others.
one thing i did was i dressed with my personality.
the other job interviews,
i wore white and black.
everyone does that.
i didn’t show “me”,
so i wasn’t comfortable.
that morning,
i said fuck THAT.

i wore burgundy everything except my shoes.
i wore brown shoes and belt.
i rocked my brown leather bag too.
i knew things were different because i got more looks than usual.
so i went in the interview more relaxed.
i guess they caught up on my energy.

it’s a long term temp assignment.
6 months.
if they like me,
they’ll keep me.
i start monday.
unemployment ends next week.
we can all exhale now.

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58 thoughts on “It Ends Here.”

  1. WOW GREAT JAMARI! I hope by the end of the 6 months you still feeel good about it! I wish all the best for you buddy! Super stoaked for you! And phew! Right on time! I really hope it works out for you. I want you to win. Even if this job is a job just so you can focus on your blog or if it’s something you want to pursue, I want it to work out for you. Best of luck my friend!

  2. Congratulations and good for you. Decisions. Decisions. Do you plan to continue to look for something permanent or do you plan to see how this assignment goes and not look for something else in the next six months or so?

  3. *pulls string for the golden confetti* Congratulations Jamari! You got talent, skill, experience, charisma, personality, charm, and quite handsome! LOL Anyway, good luck on your job. As for me, I’m in the reconfiguring, resetting stage of my life and at this point, I want to try the business owner phase of my life. If it’s possible. My daddy has a lawncare business that is just him cutting grass and my grandfather took pictures as a side hustle.

    1. ^thank you b!
      i am all for this stage in your life.
      no more working for others.
      setting out to do your own thing is freeing.
      whatever you decide,
      i know you will do well!

  4. Yes yes yes, congratulations bro. I spoke it a few days ago that you would get a job offer this week. So proud of you.

  5. Congrats!!! See what happens when you don’t give up? I’m so happy for you. Maybe you’re right and what you wore not only represented who you were better, but might have made you a little more comfortable bringing out “you” to them and that impressed them. Anywho, keep up the positivity and keep doing you.

    P.S. Today’s my grandmother’s birthday. Glad the magic of the day is working out for you.

    1. ^thank you aj!

      i was told only wear white and black to interviews,
      but that didn’t show them me and who i am.
      i felt desperate in those plain colors before.
      with my own style,
      i was more comfortable and it transcended better.

      tell your grandmother thank you and happy belated to her!

  6. Congrats on the new job!!! He might not show up when you want Him to, but when He does, get ready. Glad you kept pushing even though there were times you wanted to give up. I hope you enjoy it, and they enjoy you.

  7. The lesson here is: dress like a flamboyant queen in your best burgundy or floral suit and you’ll get the job. * takes notes *

    LOL I kidd I kidd…Congrats man! 😆
    Now it’s time to celebrate! Go get some Dick.
    Not regular ole Great Value Dick, get some Whole Foods or Trader Joes Dick! Dat good good 😜

  8. I don’t check the foxhole for one day!!! Lol
    Congrats, you deserve this so much. Working is not only important for money but it’s important for self worth as well.
    “Give me a chance and you instantly get me involved, give me a chance and the rest of the crap will get solved. Put me to work, you would think that by now I am allowed, I’ll do you proud.”
    -a chorus line

  9. Congrats Bro, you do know you have a guardian angel looking out for you dont you? Every time they counted you out, when you were at the end, on some of the darkest days when all hope seem lost, a saving light always comes through for you in some form or fashion, letting me further know you are destined for great things. You have grown so much in these last couple of years and been through so much, that the new Jamari and all the energy you are putting out in the universe is bringing good things and opportunities your way. Your testimony is encouraging, to let me know that if you are a good person the universe may rain on you at times, but ultimately you will have more sunshine than rain.

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