The Type of Dick You DON’T Want!

most of the times,
all these hood rats jackals and hyenas know how to do is fuck.
they get a lot of practice in throughout the years,
so when they cum across you,
they fuck you into the next century.
thank God “we” don’t have uterus.
“we” would be out with 10 and 11 cubs.
fetty wap is a great example of “why is this still happening?” and “ya’ll ain’t learn from the last one?”.
all these vixens and she hyenas pregnant.
i’m all the way confused,
but i share tami roman’s sentiments in her “bonnet chronicles”

i wouldn’t want it either tami!
he don’t need to be teaching the other jackals his ways either.
sidebar: i LOVE her bonnet chronicles.
she found “it” and “it” works for ha.
this also shows the “no fucks to give” raw sex that’s happening too.
condoms and birth control
was not “a thing” anymore…
i guess?
i don’t understand why folks getting pregnant by just anyone.
jackals they meet in the club,
parking lot of the bank,
doctor’s office at the clinic,
or some “we didn’t know each other long” situation.
see “we” are different from the vixens.
at least they get some kind of child support.
if they find the muthafucka to bring him to court.
that type of dick start fuckin with our wallets and peace of mind.
our health.
got a whole worthless pineapple in your crib and can’t get him out.
nuh uh.
get your foxholes under new management.
“aint shit” not allowed…
or maybe,
only at door access.

lowkey: those she hyenas dumb anyway.
he ain’t even poppin like that anymore.
they gonna be real tite in a few years.

23 thoughts on “The Type of Dick You DON’T Want!

  1. When will these people ever learn to not fool with these types of guys? I do think some women date these guys for money, but at the same time I think they get them in their feelings too. All I can really say is to each his own.

  2. I really suggest you restructure those last words after them three dots. I’m not gonna tell you but ONE time about it. 🙂

    Idk if you’re attempting to be cheeky or if you’re recovering from a post rush, or maybe you meant something else that came across as an unabashed comment, hell, I don’t even know if you’re a man…or a woman, a Fetty Wap or Betty Wap, but whatever pool table your assumptions rolled off of, you just may have pocketed the wrong ball this time. 🤔

  3. Let me tell you. These women are manipulative creatures. They are gold diggers. They know straight dudes will jump hurdles through flaming rings of fire for some fresh new pussy and they use the power of their mystic vaginas to lure these simple minded men.

    The child is a safety net because it still binds the man to her while also putting him in a position to have to still give her money.
    And the STRAIGHT GUY is stuck looking stupid over what he is a slave to.

    These hetero simpletons defend pussy with their swords but fail to realize that it’s a double edged sword.

    I enjoy this sometimes because it shows how machoism of these types of men are useless. It’s even more enjoyable when they are homophobic. The one thing they love has gotten them caught up.

    1. Lol men love to blame women for their fuckups…keep pandering & groveling to straight men see how they treat your gay ass

  4. Fetty and his trash bags of BM’s drive me up the wall every time I hear about them. Yes it’s his life so he can do what he wants but ugh, this dude is a lost cause and has no direction.

    He’s in his 20’s too so that makes it worse. He needs to take a tip out of Trey Songz handbook, because I know that man is a whore. But no babies. Chris slipped up once but he’s still very cautious. Talk about perpetuating a longstanding stereotype about black men. At least he takes care of the kids, still a mess though.

    Don’t get me started on these pathetic leeching women who want to live a lavish lifestyle. They are the bottom of the barrel.

  5. I love her bonnet chronicles, they are that perfect mix of insightful and hilarious af that we really need. I was watching earlier the one about don’t expect people to continue to stay while taking abuse from you.

    Anyways onto Fetty and his light skint harem of baby mamas, I believe that he’s mostly got good dick it reminds me of Wayne like I don’t see it for him outside of that and maybe his personality and cash but outside of those things :/

  6. i just wanna know whats really good with the chick hes been with for EVER and yet shes the only one who hasnt had kids by him. she must be really smart (using him for his money without getting kids involved) or really dumb (lets him have kids on her). lol

      1. Nope thats not her. Youre talking about the fat half latina half black baby mama. But they broke up ages ago and she no longer deals with him, shes engaged to another man. Im talking about the dark skin haitian black girl called Yaya. Shes been riding with him since high school, thru all the baby mamas. He calls her his day 1. Honestly i think shes just using him and doesnt actually want kids with him because his fertile non condom using ass would have been had her pregnant multiple times.

  7. That’s dumb as hell, having baby’s just to be having them is a reckless behavior.
    Specially having them by one hit wonders.

      1. These chicks are delusional. In their MINDS these dudes are gonna fuck them, get them pregnant, and they’re going to have this happy life. Dumb asses better wake up. These artists/athletes/entertainers don’t have longevity. Artists and entertainers are only as good as the next hit song. Athletes are only as good if they have guaranteed money and are healthy. They get injured…it’s a wrap. What happens then? Guess what boo boo…your fantasy lifestyle you dreamed about is gone, and yo ass will be in court trying to squeeze money out of someone who doesn’t have it any longer and/or is paying it out to the other 5 or baby mamas.

        They don’t think that far ahead. They live in the moment. Dumb asses. LOL

  8. Yoooooo!!!!!! Tami a fool for this one!!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂 and somebody in the comments said “double Dutch dick… dick that you don’t mind hopping back and forth” #DECEASED

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