Porsha Williams Shouldn’t Lunge Anything At A Marlo Hampton

porsha williams might meet her match on those #rhoa forests.
marlo hampton is not the one.
porsha and marlo got into it in barcelona for the cast trip.
so much so,
porsha was sent home early.
this is the story via b scott

Sources exclusively tell lovebscott.com that Porsha Williams and Marlo Hampton got into a MASSIVE blowout during the cast trip to Barcelona and Porsha got sent home early.

According to our source, Porsha and Marlo got into an argument and things escalated quickly when Porsha pointed an object in Marlo’s face.

Marlo then snatched the object from Porsha, which prompted her to LUNGE in Marlo’s direction.

Porsha didn’t touch Marlo, but security did break them up and Porsha had to be restrained before being escorted from the venue.

The ladies aren’t set to leave Barcelona until tomorrow, but Porsha was put on a flight yesterday.

does porsha know who she is dealing with?
didn’t marlo mangle some vixen’s face in the past?
everyone was so quick to baby porsha over that kenya drama.

kenya deserved it!
she provoked her!”

when she attacked cynthia and her assistant,
everyone was agasp.
porsha has anger issues.
i don’t think the classes helped.
she has no friends on that show now either.

she is clinging to kim since phaedra’s whole tail was fired.
this is what she put up on her ig today:

can i just say…
i love the karma that was giving to porsha and phaedra.
everything they did came back to them 10 times as worse.
some of the viewers chose their sides and look…

i guess kenya wasn’t so problematic after all.
“rhoa” makes it’s comeback to bravo on 11/5 at 8.

article cc: b scott

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “Porsha Williams Shouldn’t Lunge Anything At A Marlo Hampton”

  1. Lord these old women are embarrassing. I’d be damned if I was in my 40s fighting on TV to get my bills paid. Not to mention most of them are mothers. I mean they aren’t taken seriously outside of the show. Hence why they hang on to the show and struggle to venture on for the better. That Nene is just a character at this point, a living caricature who perpetuates negative stereotypes about black women to give the thirsty white gays and unfunny white women some entertainment. Reality TV really brings out the worst in people. Throw the old show away.

      1. I agree. As entertaining as they are, I am tired of all of these black reality shows that paint blacks in a negative light. And the fools on the show stupid enough to go along with the shits for a chack.

    1. Man, y’all can say that if you want. $300k a year, and all I have to do i choke a bitch once in a while? Tell me who I gotta give these hands to, I want that new Bentley.

  2. All of these altercations Porsha has had, it is time for her to go. I love the show, but I am beginning to get over the foolishness myself.

  3. How Porscha was when she first started on the show versus what she transformed into should let everyone know she’s fake as hell.

    How are you going to go from the sheltered, preaching, dutiful wife of a civil rights legend to dragging a woman across a stage on national television and not knowing what the underground railroad is? Keep in mind she was in the Trillville video as well.

    Which is the real Porscha?

    This woman is 40 years old and she is NOT from the hood. Kenya is basically the only one she could flex on. Kandi and Nene and Marlo are really about that life.

  4. Porsha just doesn’t take any shit. Clearly those women have insecurity issues and it’s funny how she only gets along with those that seem to be doing well for themselves, yet she keeps getting bashed while the snakes and homewreckers are praised because they can twirl and snap 3 times for the “gawds”… pitiful. Ever since that statement she made came out the lgbtq has been quick to take her down. She’s the youngest on the show, don’t forget you were also young and made mistakes.

  5. Um…. Can we point out, that this was Marlo she was arguing with? Marlo has brought the worst out of every woman on the show except Cynthia. She’s got the better of them all, with Kandi stating that she wanted to fight Marlo at that reunion taping, and Nene actually threw a water bottle at her. What she did to Sheree in Africa, and Kenya last year…. She specializes in picking people apart and finding their buttons. My only thing is that Porsha needs to realize that jumping bad with Marlo could end up in her getting mangled. I don’t think Marlo is that one to fuck with. I just hope the story is not true.

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