mi reminds me of porsha williams.
one of the reasons i can’t stand her on rhoa.
they get by on good looks and sob stories,
but underneath is a violent she-jackal who attacks on emotions.
too bad for mi that once the bridge is burned with me,
it’s pretty hard to cross back over.
at work today,
i was dealing with an important call when my phone started to ring.
no sooner did i decline the call,
it rang again.
it rung a third time.
okay wtf…

it was a aunt i don’t speak to.
her name in my phone is “don’t speak”.
that is how serious i am.
i had to ask myself wtf was she calling me for?
after i got off the work call,
i called her back.
i can be dry af with you if i don’t fuck with you anymore.
you get “surface jamari”.
a lot of:


i detach and keep it moving.

“i want you to hear me out.
i have a proposition for you…”


“…now mi is doing good.
i just paid her phone bill and her mta pass for the week.”

what does this has to do with me?

“she wanted me to contact you because she is begging to live with you.
i told her i would speak to you and set some ground rules.
if she messes up this final time,
she has to go.
i will be honest with you jamari,
she needs help.
i would love to take her in,
but my husband and kids…”

that is where i ended the call.
i told her my boss was coming and that i’d call her back later.
she wasn’t coming.
my boss was out for the day.
as soon as i hung up:


and i went to mi’s number:


how dare she set rules in my fuckin crib?
i pay the fuckin rent here EVERY MONTH.
this is my den of peace.
they act like she is my cub.
mi misses the mistreated.
i was good to her and now that i’m gone,
it’s a cold fuckin forest.
all of this should have been thought about.
she was too busy being a disrespectful bitch.
i gave her chance after chance and she blew it.
tough titty.
the crazy part in all of this is she hasn’t even called me!!!
she having someone else,
that i don’t even fuck with,
call me to act as a buffer.
too bad; too sad.
not my problem.
i don’t give a nary of a fuck anymore.
she is grown ass adult.
if she couldn’t afford to burn all her bridges,
she shouldn’t have used all her money to buy gasoline.


lowkey: hyenas and jackals love to hurt you and regret it.
everyone did this to me.
all the ones who hurt me created how i am now.
i don’t give a fuck anymore and if you violate:


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “BLOCKED (Mi)”

  1. Sometimes it’s best to release people, things, and circumstances to the universe. Que sera sera.

    “if she couldn’t afford to burn all her bridges,
    she shouldn’t have used all her money to buy gasoline.”

    BARSSSSSSS. I’m stealing it.

  2. Good move! I love how there is NO ONE else willing or capable of helping her that they have to harrass you, instead of encouraging her to handle herself.

    1. ^because they see me as a doormat.
      i was the nice one.
      they saw i opened my doors to help.
      mi thinks i’m the same person i was when she left here.
      that side of me died and this new animal that has been born feels so free.
      i have freedom now.

  3. You’re going through a natural life progression. As you’re getting older, you find that your time is valuable, and you’re not allowing people to waste it.

  4. I like that you turned into a no fucks to give type person with people that treated you like shit, but the nerve of her to try and come back after what she did to you is just plain dumb and on top of that have people you no longer mess with call you talkin’ bout a proposition? 😂😂😂😂

  5. Does this aunt ONLY contact you for Mi related matters or does she call to talk about other general family related matters?

  6. Yeah,,,NAH!

    She must think you stupid lol.

    That girl is not a minor. She should be working or going to school and getting her own place.

    Your spot is not Rehab facility.

  7. Sometime you have to love your family from a distances. I love my family to death, but I do not put up with their bullshit at all. call me cold or an asshole oh well.
    great job my friend

  8. Don’t let them turn you vindictive Jamari. It’s best to let them know how you feel before blocking someone. Correct me if I’m wrong but I’m sure she meant setting the ground rules for her, not for your household. You recently posted about how people are becoming more prone to giving no fucks yet you’re becoming one.

  9. honestly that’s your space and for people to not only offer your space to her but set ground rules, even if they are for her, is a definite no. This is why I don’t hang around family as much because they get too comfortable with you in a shitty way. She needs to open her doors if she’s so worried about me.

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