Your Hurricane Wasn’t As Serious As That Other Hurricane With The Blacks

i said i banished him,
but i had to font about this.
i nearly screamed at work.

i couldn’t resist.
i saw the following today and it had me vex to no end.
so donald trump took his fat ass to puerto rico today.
look at what he told them down there during a press conference

what a fuckin’ asshole!!
how unsympathetic was that??
to compare what happened in puerto rico to katrina

…and then to mention the budget.
that’s like going to rescue someone and charge them for gas after.
and then this video:

he acting like he is at dave and busters playing “shoot your shot”.
and there they go,
taking selfies with him and grinning like giddy idiots.
like this muthafucka hasn’t show his entire ass about this whole thing.

i can’t.

lowkey: i had to hit up karaoke about it…

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “Your Hurricane Wasn’t As Serious As That Other Hurricane With The Blacks”

  1. Yup. They voted for him. It was all “we dying down here” until white daddy showed up with a pack of Bounty and his bad bitch wife.

      1. I can’t understand the lack of sympathy and empathy exhibited by some of the people posting comments around here.

      2. Did you see the video of President Dummy throwing rolls of paper towels to people like he was shooting hoops? Disgusting.

      3. But those aren’t the people who were affected by the hurricane, so the comment still doesn’t make any sense. The people who were affected were those living on the island of Puerto Rico. Puerto Ricans cannot vote in your elections, so they still have nothing to do with it. Stop trying to justify the madness. I think some of you guys deserve your “president” even if you didn’t vote for him…It’s becoming very clear to me why he’s in the white house now. Good luck lol

  2. The vid doesn’t play in my country but I could only imagine what he said/did. I’m sure he blamed the Ricans for being responsible for the damages given his recent track record regarding this situation. I also bet he hasn’t learned how to empathize with people who have just suffered severe damage to their homes. Not surprised. He should have just stayed on the mainland, and let the people who are actually there to help do their jobs. And send more damn troops man! Jeez!

  3. Every day he says something more and more outrageous. And my anger grows. Wow, we got 3.3 more years of this shit…at least. But trust and believe God doesn’t like ugly and bad days don’t last always. When Karma comes for him I wouldn’t be within 10 miles of him.

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