The Attempted Suicide of Robbae

i wanted to share this story with the rest of the foxhole.
everyone meet robbae.
he is very handsome.
a f-bi sent me this:

You know this dude ORobbae?

Apparently he got jumped for being bisexual and the recent post purportedly by his cousin suggests that he may have attempted suicide. 
and then i went to his twitter and saw this…

i was instantly saddened by this.
this one hits close to home,
as i’ve been suicidal many times in my life.
i hope that he can see that he survived for a reason.
maybe it’s to help others going through the same.
many gays/bi have been also there.
this is why you don’t know the mental state someone is in.
our trails and tribulations can be lessons to others.
this was posted as well:

i never heard of him,
but he seems to be very popular by his twitter.
i hope he can get some help and work this out.
hang in there robbae!

lowkey: even in the hospital bed,
he is handsome af.

x visit robbae on his twitter

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “The Attempted Suicide of Robbae”

  1. Glad he’s okay and hope he realizes that he almost made a permanent mistake. Hope he can grow his self worth and realize that his life does have value. A lot of us have issues with self worth and self value out here, and that needs to change.

  2. In most cases of suicide a person doesn’t want to die,they just want the pain to end.
    Hopefully he gets help.

  3. Happy he made it. Hope he will have people around him to affirm him for who he is. It’s not an easy road for anyone to disclose if they don’t have a good support base. He can get through this.

  4. It is so heart breaking to think someone can be in so much emotional pain that death is easier than living another minute. We must become more accepting of each other just as we are. Black men loving Black men is an Absolut must have, It can no longer be about looks, the latest fashions, popularity, sex, or being in or being out. We have to be open to each other just because. No matter how we look at it we are all in the same boat if we accept it or not. We all just want to love and be loved..Brother to Brother.

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