What’s The Big Deal About Marlo?

Screen-shot-2013-05-27-at-8.16.29-AM1im literally now catching up on all my shows tonight.
that wine tasting table scene on rhoa>>>>>>>
( x watch here )
now i started getting into rhoa last season,
so i don’t know much about marlo hampton (except that scrap with sheree),
but why do people like her so much?
well kandi said she wasn’t a fan of hers last episode.
everyone online was so excited she was going to be making an appearance.
so why is she not on the show?
she seems like she’d be a good fit within these batch of messy chicks.
plus from what i see and googled,
mama is fly as hell with the threads.

lowkey: that big fight is next week.
the one we’ve all been waiting for.
thank god.

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8 thoughts on “What’s The Big Deal About Marlo?”

  1. Marlo was on Season 4 and caused drama, especially with Kandi and Sheree. She is not on the show likely due to her criminal history. She was arrested 7 times.

    You gotta love Kenya, and that sneaky grin of hers lol. She is the type of broad that stirs up drama and sits back and watches it all unfold. Love it man. I loved Kandi’s speech at the end too. That shit Sunday is gone be crazy, everyone was fighting. I had to do some research on this, but Christopher Williams was supposedly the one who busted Halle’s eardrum during the early 90’s or something. That is why Kenya did not want to be touched by him, and Brandon wasn’t going to allow it. After this Sunday, we won’t see it for two weeks, they do not show it on the Superbowl, just a heads up.

    1. I couldn’t remember why they got rid of her but I think you’re right MAN.It was either her criminal past or they found out she was still doing some down low criminal shit.

      And about Christopher Williams.I remember he claimed Wesley Snipes was the one who busted Halle’s eardrum even though she confirmed in an interview that Wesley never put his hands on her.She never said the same for Christopher though.She won’t confirm which boyfriend busted her eardrum.

    2. ^damn.
      they not letting people on due to a lil record?
      sheesh they strict.

      i don’t care what anyone says: kenya made this show entertaining..
      that chick is crazy and makes for good television.
      she is like erica mena on messy mondays.

  2. She is not on the show b/c she is a liability… Marlo has a temper and I guess the producers felt that by her being a loose cannon wasn’t good for the show. Also allegedly the lady that she cut up back in the day committed suicide b/c of her having low self esteem due to Marlo slashing her face leaving her with a terrible scar (not sure how true this is) but supposidly the family of the girl was not happy about Marlo being on the show and they thought it was distasteful. Marlo I feel is well liked, because she stayed dripped up and laced out in the latest brands and she was not scared to say what was on her mind.

  3. She’s annoying and so desperate to be on the show

    She’s good in super small doses

    She’s not on the show because she said the “F” word

  4. Marlo is well liked, because she speaks her mind and is not afraid to read anybody. I had the opportunity to chill with her and she was REALLY amicable, Her fashionable attire also plays a factor into her likeability factor as well. Then she has this certain mysterious allure about her. It was noted in season 4 that she may be an escort, or have a “big poppa” of some sort, but whatever she is doing, her house is paid for and I believe her Aston Martin is paid for as well. So, I honestly feel like if you’re going to be a “heaux”, be a damn good heaux and she does that well. We see that she is constantly dipped in the finest fashions, etc.

    If i’m not mistaken, she was not allowed back on the show as a reoccurring cast, because dropped the “F” bomb when her and Sheree got into that verbal altercation. I wouldn’t mind seeing her on my TV screen every Sunday.

  5. Shes not on the show because she used the F word. Thats why. Her criminal past has nothing to do with it. She apologized to Andy in his face and he looked at her like Bitch please.lol. You dont piss off a gay Jew. She was to be Sherees replacement, unfortunately she put her foot in her mouth. People were excited to see her because she is messy. Then again, so is Kenya. So why does she receive so much hate? Well maybe because she is more of a natural beauty than Marlo. Who looks sort of dragish at times, just like the Queen of twitter gays Nene. They love her messy ass as well. Marlo will never be on the show now that her and Nene have fallen out. I’m hoping Kenya moves on to better things, which I know she wont. She loves this mess. Sad because in real life she is a smart woman.

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