The Foxhole Reality Show (Casting Now)

so when i was coming home today,
i had a question for everyone while i was on the train…

lets say you were offered to appear on a reality show on vh-1 for this year.
it pays 10gs an episode and there are 20 episodes in the season.
styling and transportation included.
only thing is that its guaranteed mayhem and messiness.
just how we like our reality shows.


more than likely they will also cast someone you don’t like,
or someone that they know you won’t like.

Would you do it?

think about your reputation and secrets.
that bread looking good tho.

Author: jamari fox

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16 thoughts on “The Foxhole Reality Show (Casting Now)”

      1. I’m not sure if I’d fight but they fight on WWE and those wrestlers get paid. (“The Rock”, AKA Duane Johnson got rich and famous from the fake but lucrative wrestling matches on WWE and he’s making more money now as a movie star.) People putting my business out in the street? Well, Kim Kardashian made tons of money and is still making it buy first sucking dick on camera and she’s crying all the way to the bank. The cash is lasting much longer than her embarrassment. And there’s no shame in her game. That’s entertainment!

        Bottom line: I’ll do “it all” (or much). . . if the price is right! “I’m ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille” And cash too.

        Jamari, find me such a sweet deal and I’ll give you 10% as my agent! (From the first million and then it’s time to re-negotiate our contract.)

  1. I couldn’t deal with the fuckery. I would have killed someone the way people act on these shows. And I’m an extremely private person so having all my business out there would not be cool. If it could lead to better career opportunities, I might consider it however. But I think you have to really be a standout like NeNe from Atlanta housewives for it to really do you any good. At the end of the day, peace of mind and my dignity is worth more than money.

  2. Sadly, I have seriously considered being apart of a reality show. Even auditioned a few times (Big FU ‘Real World’) for some of them. Unfortunately, I soon realized I’m just too fucking nice (read: normal) to actually be cast in some Vh1 ratchetness. I’ll pass.

  3. I agree with Sam Spade except I’d pull a Kenya and hire a boyfriend and friends for TV purposes only.Honestly though, people wouldn’t want it with me because I can scrap.My name may be Zen but I can throw-down.Evelyn, K.Michelle, and Erica Mena would be bloodied with their weaves stuffed down their throats if they ever pulled that “let me throw a drink” shit on me.That goes for dudes too.I have a temper so If I can’t get you right away, I’ll save your ass whooping for later.I’m like an Elephant, I don’t forget.I hold grudges like a motherfucker.I know that’s not a good thing either but I can’t help it.

    These shows wouldn’t wanna hire me because the “let’s go to dinner and talk about our beef” wouldn’t work with me.I’d go just to fuck you up and get some better hits in before security separates us.

    That pay check sounds nice but long term, I don’t think I would do it.We mostly tune into these shows to laugh at these people and how trashy they are.I don’t wanna be associated with that.Reality shows are like porn, they never disappear.

    1. Stuffing weaves down throats? We are men Zen, we can’t do that. C’mon on bruh. If I woman throws a drink on me, I’d just take it. That’s what men do.

      1. The weave stuffing comment was just a figure of speech MAN.I hope they wouldn’t have me paired with a bunch of women.I’ve wanted to beat Peter’s(Real Housewives ATL) ass for a while now.I can’t stand arrogant pricks like him.As for your comment about just taking whatever a woman gives you, I disagree.I’d never raise my fist to a woman.You’re crazy if you think you can assault me and I’m supposed to just sit and take it because of your gender.She’d at least get her ass yanked and pushed.I’m not the right one to pull that shit on.Sorry MAN, I’m working on it though.

        @MarMar Bear, I won’t need bail money if I’m the one being assaulted first.Just like Jennifer Williams from BBWives did to them bitches.You can’t attack someone physically and then get mad when your ass gets sued or worse, beat.

  4. I am outspoken and very opinionated. Nah, with my personality it wouldn’t work for me. People would dislike me and I would prob. have many altercations. I’d probably end up like Kenya Moore lol. That’s not good.

  5. All u guys saying u wouldn’t do it because u have a bad temper and would whoop a bitch ass in a minute are exactly what these reality shows are looking for!!! Yaw better get that money and worry about your reputation later!! Lol…..

    1. OK!!! The way things lookin right now, that money would fix a lotta things for me. I’m not sure about all the fighting, tho. I think I would rather Phaedra all they asses and throw SHADE that would make the gods proud. That would be my calling card. None of that other dumb shit

  6. I thought about it and there is a 50/50. I mean if there were to create a reality parody show then yea I would because I like making fun of people.

  7. Hell Yea
    I guess I can’t fault the girls who do it because that money looks DAMN good. I’d do it in a heartbeat though. I can swallow my pride for that amount. I could swallow my pride for a little less. Lol

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