Speaking of Jaye Hardbody (Before vs After)


Screen Shot 2014-03-16 at 3.31.39 PMgod bless his work out plan.

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11 thoughts on “Speaking of Jaye Hardbody (Before vs After)”

  1. It just shows that what ever you do to the body, it responds. He went from a 98 pound weakling to a mass of muscle. Why? Because of what he did to his body in terms of his diet and his exercise! I wonder how long it took him to get from before to after. I wonder what his diet was/is and I wonder what his work out schedule was/is. He likely spent at least 2 hours a day (at least 14 hours) a week working out/exercising for at least a year is what I reckon.

    1. Dean yes he did work hard for that physique but he had a little more help than diet and exercise to get that ripped. As a gym head now myself, I have learned a whole lot of secrets about these fine physiques and it aint that much Herbalife in the world can produce the results they are achieving.

  2. This is the man!!!!!! He’s so damn sexy and fine!!!!! I want to just lay up with him for days and days!!!!

    1. JRock, you can do the work and have him or other guys wanting to lay up with you for days and days. Have you done the work? Will you do the work? Or do you have other priorties? I have other priorities, including making money.

    2. I did. For about 5 days back in 2013. Meet him in a sex grp on fb and thought he was a catfish bc he looked too good. We exchanged numbers, he proved it was him, and just happen to have a modeling shoot in my city and he flew down and stayed with me. Fantasy come true lol but he wasnt that good in bed. Not fond of going down much. He did it but only twice and not long but yea he was still a cool guy.

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