Your Beard Is Pretty

beards always look good on a man,
but i don’t think i’d let mine get this crazy.
i like a clean trimmed look on myself.
on my wolf however?
well that’s a different story.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “Your Beard Is Pretty”

  1. certain men look like royalty in beards, especially many of the muslim brothas i see here in Philly with their trimmed beards…however it’s NOT for everybody!!!! Also certain men can rock both looks…i can rock a moustache or a goatee but since i have locs that hang down my back i don’t do too much facial hair

  2. I think I’d look so much better with a beard.I look like a high school freshman without one.I love beards except the hire ones that are there to hide a man’s sexuality.

  3. Its not in my genes to have that much facial hair.

    Beards are only sexy on certain types to me though..

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