“ratchet jamari” was dancing inside.
i featured him couple days ago.
okay so now who is this kind wolf?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “MEAT: RE-HEAT (574)”

      1. I found out who he was the other day when you posted him. All I know is that he runs track, and is related to Kevin Thomas who used to play with the Eagles.

  1. Someone put his instagram link in a comment on your last post about him.Sorry to say but he don’t look good in this pic.

      1. I don’t know where the hell it went because I clicked on it and checked it out.It was filled with the usual “look at me I just got done working out” pics, and the “I haven’t worked out in 3 days, look at how bad my body has gotten” pics, knowing full damn well his body ain’t changed, he just wanted the same thirsty ratchet comments he gets over and over again.

        I just checked both entries and the comment isn’t there.It was either deleted or edited.I didn’t know editing and deleting comments were possible unless it’s in another previous entry.

    1. This is not that tall dude Jamari posed. I think that’s who you are confusing him with. I found this dude’s instagram, it’s private.

  2. I’m not curious about the nudes, I’m more concerned as to why you gave his nudes away in the first place. I can’t. SMH

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