Ya’ll Should Be Ashamed For Not Supporting The Great Tyler Perry

who are these random snow bunnies in this movie?
so ya’ll ain’t go see the new tyler perry movie,
“the single mom‘s club”?…

Speaking of clubs, Tyler Perry’s Single Moms Club earned just $3.2 million yesterday, making it the single worst opening day in Perry’s directing career. The buzz just wasn’t there, lacking both Madea and/or any media-friendly celebrities (no Janet Jackson or Kim Kardashian this time around). Considering that Lionsgate is basically getting out of the Tyler Perry business and we’re approaching the tenth anniversary of Diary Of A Mad Black Woman next year, this utter failure of his fifteenth feature doesn’t send the right signal, especially with no other projects on the release calendar as of this writing. Still, the film was cheap even a $9m opening and a $20m domestic finish will at worse just be deducting from the copious profits made from his other pictures over the last nine years.

well im just going to say it.
ever since he started trying to cross over,
his movies have been failing left and right.
no one is excited to see them anymore.
the last movie enjoyed from him was “the family that preys”.
his movies are getting awful by the second.
the problem with tyler is he doesn’t listen and doesn’t take criticism well.
his issue is he gets defensive and starts talkin’ about haters while waving the bible.
no tyler.
your writing sucks and its time to form a super team.
said with love of course.
he needs to hire some GREAT writers with a vision for his brand,
stop coming out with fluff movies every other second,
kill the caricatures and stereotypes,
and think about a good plot with character development.
he would be soooooooo great.
everyone always wants to chew my head off because of my opinion:

“he is a black man giving black people a form of income!”

shay_neckrolluh huh.
so does drug dealing and look at what that does to the community as well.
i’m all for going to watch his movies,
and you know i support “haves and have nots”,
but lets stop coddling him so he can be great.
shit at this point,
i’m ready for a spike lee joint.

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Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “Ya’ll Should Be Ashamed For Not Supporting The Great Tyler Perry”

  1. I agree with you J on this one because Tyler has been falling off. no Senor, papi! get it together quickly or quickly lose your fan base Mr. Perry. don’t end up like Spike Lee….IJS

    1. ^when tyler perry came out,
      you couldn’t tell me shit about not seeing his movies.
      now he is getting repetitive.
      its like the same movie with a different title.
      bad enough the season finale for haves and have nots was underwhelming at best.

  2. “its like the same movie with a different title.”

    That’s what I said about this Single Moms movie on another website.Why the hell would I wanna watch it when I’ve already seen it a thousand times before.Black people have been regurgitating this same shit since the 90’s.Time to move on and evolve from that stereotypical mess.Just like you said, he either needs to form a writing team or realize he’s a one trick pony and retire.People have finally wised up and stopped supporting his trash.He’s made enough money.I do think Spike Lee is better but man does he have an ego.

  3. its to the point where if you where looking for a job and sited that you worked for “tyler perry studios” you’d not be granted an interview. its great that he’s giving “folks” employment but lets get real. i really don’t think he’s expanded his fan base much. and all of his fans MAY be becoming more sophisticated. movie tix are expensive. ‘tyler perry joints’ are what i call “sunday afternoon’ movies. if i’m at home and i don’t have anything to do i’ll flip on the tv and watch a light (bad) movie. i would never get off my ass & go out and PAY for said movie but in the comfort and safety of my couch, no one would know that i watch throw away cinema.

    may i quote kanye west?…

    “stop all that coon shit
    early morning cartoon shit
    this is that goon shit
    fuck up your whole afternoon shit”

    peace to all folks out there today!!!!

  4. I only like the Have And The Have Not and sometime Love Thy Neighbor and that’s
    But you know what I would love to see a movie about a handsome Afro-Boricua who travel to Colombia for a vacation, but got mix up into some shit when he got involved with this semi handsome black Colombian who is a drug lord. Story of my desire to be in.

  5. I agree with you Jamari 100%!!! He need to form a writing team and come up with a great plot with great characters that we all care about. No one cares about these single moms and the struggles they may go through. This topic is old and have been done to death!!! Tyler thinks he can do it all without any help from any other writers or directors.

  6. I’m not surprised it didn’t do well. It didn’t look all that appealing. He was supposed to be making a show out of this, I think.

  7. Lionsgate didnt renew its deal with TP and he just closed his LA office.He was on The Talk and he said he will focus on TV now , taking a break from making films.

  8. I’m sorry, but you could not pay me to see a Tyler Perry movie in the theaters…or any comedy for that matter. The last film he made that I saw and enjoyed was the Family That Preys Together.
    He can keep those Madea films. He got complacent, in part because his people put him on such a high pedestal.
    People will only take so much of the same thing over and over before they start getting bored with the material. It’s not only Tyler Perry who is guilty of this…hell, most of the directors and producers in Hollywood keep recycling shyt over and over. Like no one is going to realize they’ve seen it before. LOL

  9. Aw man I sort of feel for him, although I admit, I have never paid to see any of his films at the theater, I did buy one of his plays before from Target. I peeped long ago that his plays seemed to be made up productions, almost as if they were the dress rehearsal, although I have got some good laugh out of some of them, however I can not tell you what play is what in the Madea franchise, they all are basically alike. I knew the movies were not going to be any better, and from the previews from most of them they seemed stereotypical and cheesy but hey thats his brand and I am not going to knock his hustle. I did enjoy the Marriage movies with Janet Jackson with the exception of his performances, he done Madea so well that its hard for me to imagine him as a heterosexual male. I think he will bounce back and be okay, and maybe he can just produce other people movies so he can bring a variety of projects under his brand, it would be awesome if he would make movies about the E.Lynn Harris books since Tracey Edmonds dropped the ball, this could be his comeback.

  10. Well Temptation was good, and did REALLY well…but more black films are being released by other directors, so he’s no longer to go to staple for employing black hollywood. He’s getting pretty generic with his approach, im really tired of seeing the same black women problems/characters played out over and over

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