Mmm! The Silverfish In My Soup Added A Nice Juicy Crunch!

tumblr_lknl8tkuUN1qzxp2go1_500i’m sure you’ve seen this monster crawling on your wall before.
summer time they are all over my damn apartment.
well what if it was floating in your soup?…


A New York woman is planning to file a lawsuit against a Queens restaurant after finding a huge bug in her bowl of soup.

Natalie Estrella ordered a bowl of sancocho from Nuevo Mundo restaurant in Far Rockaway and was halfway through it when she noticed a many-legged morsel floating in the broth.

Estrella says that when she showed the bug, which she believes was a silverfish, to the restaurant manager he told her, ‘It’s nothing,’ and threw it away.

She was given a refund for the price of the soup.

Estrella says she became so ill after eating the soup that she had to go to hospital for food poisoning.

‘I felt dizzy, my stomach started hurting and then I threw up.’

It was, she says, ‘the worst day of my life.’

Estrella was treated at St John’s Episcopal Hospital for ‘insect ingestion,’ according to discharge papers.

The manager at Nuevo Mundo, who identified himself to Pix 11 only as Carlos, said the insect couldn’t have come from his restaurant.

‘It’s impossible for a big like that to be in the restaurant,’ he said. ‘That’s a house bug.’

‘My food is top of the line. I have nothing to hide,’ he said, allowing Pix 11 cameras into the serving area.

Nuevo Mundo has a pending ‘C’ grade from the Department of Health and 44 violation points for violations including ‘Evidence of mice or live mice present in facility’s food and/or non-food areas,’ ‘Filth flies or food/refuse/sewage-associated (FRSA) flies present in facility‚Äôs food and/or non-food areas,’ and ‘facility not vermin proof. Harborage or conditions conducive to attracting vermin to the premises and/or allowing vermin to exist.’


giphy*thinks of cartoons to stop me from barfing*
so she ate at a restaurant with a “C” grade?
not only that,
but a pending “C” one????
that is a “F” in my eyes.
she must have been starving.
listen i don’t eat at ANY restaurant under a “B” rating.
even if it’s a “B”,
i’m still hesitant.
there should ALWAYS be a letter in the window from the health inspector.
if you don’t see it,
get on your google app and go:

x new yawk health inspector restaurant ratings

i have this in my bookmarks on my iphone.
i don’t fuckin’ play.
find the one in your area!

lowkey: mad he gonna say that’s a “house bug”.
i would have slapped the stupid off his ass.

article and pictures courtesy: daily mail

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “Mmm! The Silverfish In My Soup Added A Nice Juicy Crunch!”

    1. ^you woulda heard about me having to fuck his ass up in that restaurant.
      god forbid for him i was on a date.
      me and my wolfie would have been knocking his head off his shoulders for the antics.

  1. I hate centipedes so much.Especially when they settle in between to intersecting walls so your shoe can’t squash them good enough.Luckily the broom works better.Just becareful or you might fling it across the room.Just smoosh that bitch then lift it up to see if it’s dead or stuck on the broom prickles.If it’s not dead, it’ll take off as soon as you lift the broom.Smack the shit out of it until it’s dead.Brooms also work great on mice.Just whack the shit out of em.However, I don’t know if brooms work well on bats.I hope I don’t have to test that theory.

    I can’t stand insects and animals.I think that’s only reason I’d consider getting a cat.All the mice in my neighborhood disappeared when a group of stray cats showed up.If only cats could fly, then we wouldn’t have to worry about bats either.

  2. This is why I like to go to Pizzeria.
    You can go wrong with pizza except you gotta check for hair sometime.
    Other than that I like cooking in my home where it’s clean and safe.

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