Well I Hope You Wiped All The Juices Off

491653717_461so this is the text i got just about twenty minutes ago from one of my straight friends

“this is a confession,
not a boast.”

“okay shoot.”

“i had sex on my boss’s desk.
a few times.”

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tumblr_melb5us4Bo1qdrz3yo1_250^x’s 10 of those.

“with your boss??????”

“hell naw!”

“well damn!
no respect!

backstory: they’re messing with someone they work with.

“lol. its been a while.”

“did you do a camera check?”

*add long reply wait*

welp its too late now.
i’ll either get a raise or fired.”

“lol shit my type of work day.”


god i love my ratchet friends.
they make “ratchet jamari” feel all warm and tingly inside.
i had to get the vision of the mailroom wolf and me wearing out my boss’s desk tho.
hell the security wolf on his desk.
you know it’s been a while.
i’d start taking off my clothes if they brushed against me.
alas i ain’t crazy.
but not crazy.

4 thoughts on “Well I Hope You Wiped All The Juices Off

  1. That’s like having sex on your parents bed.Some people have no damn respect whatsoever.

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