Pastors: From Holy To The New “Ho”? always liked to hear other people’s experiences.
you can learn a thing or two if people shared more.
well immanuel,
from one of my fav readers/bloggers,
left a comment under ( x my pastor gives aids better than you ).
he had some experiences with some pastors and well…
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I’m The One Who Owns That Pipe. The Bitch He Is With Is Just A Stand In.

Miranda was what you would call:
a low down dirty slut bag of a bitch kind of ho“.

We all know those types.
She would mess with various Wolves to fulfill her need for penis.
She did not care if they were single, married, or on their death bed,
she would be ready to suck and fuck with no hesitation.
He just had to be cute, paid, and have some bomb ass pipe.
To other Vixens she was poison and you know what?
She didn’t give a shit about her reputation.
If her name was Mark, we would applaud her conquests.
Is it a contradiction?


Miranda is the standard “a low down dirty slut bag of a bitch kind of ho” in the Vixen world.
You see her coming, you put your menstrual blood in his lasagna to put a spell on him.
But what about the Jackal named Mark doing the same?
Those same Vixens want to sit up and hear his illicit tales of “D/L Wolves Who Steal Booty In The Midnight Hours“.
Does he get a pass for his messing with married and taken Wolves?
I had to ask…

Is it okay to be a ho in this lifestyle?

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I Fucked Chris Brown Last Night and He Laid Some Serious Pipe



Imagine what is it like to be Breezy Wolf?

You are the next coming to Michael Jackson.
No one can touch your talent on the mic and the dance floor.
You can have whatever you want… and pretty much whomever you want.
You done dug out pop stars, porn stars, models, producers, and his own manager.
So, you go through the industry using your “power” to get as much “?-hole” as you want.

Well, you don’t have to be Breezy Wolf to have this life kids.
You can basically have a little bit of power in this industry and people will be willing to fuck you.
The same people who probably wouldn’t take you seriously on a sunny day on the street,
are now dropping their pants to get a piece of what you have.
But, what happens when people use their titles to become groupies?
Is there a subtle way to be a “professional groupie”?
And, why do they always end up looking so thirsty with their mud on their faces?

What is the benefits of being a groupie?

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Yeah, I Sucked All Those Dicks… But Take Me Seriously!

How solid is your reputation?
I mean, do you really know?
Have you done something trife that has travelled with you?
Are you known amongst people and your peers?
How does feel to have a Scarlet Letter on your chest?

This is for my Foxes and Hybrids really.

I know there comes a point in our lives when we say “fuck it” and go HO buck wild.

I know that I have had my slight hoish moments.

I never had a 4 some or no shit like that.
But, I was at a place where I was enjoying many Wolves at one time.
I even did some bird shit by trying to get with Wolves my friends have fucked with.
I am not immune to hosish tendencies then, now, or for my future.
It is life.
Plus,I seem to be meeting the finest Wolves in this industry.
 I may have to pop, lock, and drop on a nice penis… or two.

I have to ask…

Have you ever been a ho?

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