Would You Like To Run A Ho Over For Not Paying You?


Only time you can sex a prostitute and be WINNING….


Looks exciting.
I would probably buy it.

I remember I got Grand Theft Auto 3 when I first got my PS2.
Although those missions were so fucking hard, it was a fun game to play.
What I remember most about that game is a Wolf I use to know would play it religiously.
He would actually want me to watch him play.
Like he would only feel good knowing I was watching him.
Whenever he got somewhere far or beat something,
he would literally smile from ear to ear as I stroked his big… ego.

I probably could have let him beat this something.

All these Wolves that were playing straight in my life…
I have stories for days…

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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