Pastors: From Holy To The New “Ho”? always liked to hear other people’s experiences.
you can learn a thing or two if people shared more.
well immanuel,
from one of my fav readers/bloggers,
left a comment under ( x my pastor gives aids better than you ).
he had some experiences with some pastors and well…

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fc2t6ri keep saying the best place to get some pipe/butt cheeks is in church.
it seems a lot of gays are hiding out in church.
i said it once,
and i’ll say it again:

i don’t trust people who bible thump

many people on social media like to bible thump.
check their dms.
i bet they are trading more than scriptures in there.
i don’t even…
i got a better one:

how about those who only believe in god when things are going wrong?

nah homie.
i like people who are spiritual.
i consider myself to be spiritual.
spiritual people will tell you that they aren’t perfect.
we know that god and the universe loves us anyway.
flaws and all.
i love god and the universe,
and i believe he guides me through life,
but i refuse to act better than others because i own a bible.
i refuse the dissect the bible and pick and choose what rules i want to follow.
its ridic.
i’m glad more people are speaking out against crooked church folk.
i guess their excuse is god is still working on them?

lowkey: i wouldn’t want to date a church wolf.
like one who is heavy in the word.

“hey babe lets study our bible tonight!”

billbored…like get the fuck outta here.
i don’t know how these vixens do it.
i want my wolf to be perfectly imperfect.
i want him to cuss,
fuck me like an animal,
go out and have fun,
and still say his prayers at night.
these church wolves have too many secrets for my taste.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “Pastors: From Holy To The New “Ho”?”

  1. “i want my wolf to be perfectly imperfect.
    i want him to cuss,
    fuck me like an animal,
    go out and have fun,
    and still say his prayers at night.”

    Let the church say AMEN

  2. I agree with what he said because I have heard it all before. Most pastors fool around on the low and that’s a fact.

  3. This post lol but hey I totally agree with you Jamari. A perfectly imperfect dude is better than one who claims to be perfect and try to obtain some unreachable standard then judge others because they are comfortable in what they do.

  4. Many pastors, Reverends, Bishops are guilty of having double standards and/or two faces. They will preach one thing while standing before their congregation (all the while scoping out the next piece of ass), and once they’re done…let the bangin’ begin!
    At my former church, the MARRIED pastor slept with several MARRIED congregation members. Many of the members didn’t believe he did, even after evidence was brought out showing that he did. Hell, one of the husbands caught them at a hotel! How much proof do you need?!!
    Needless to say…ol’ boy is still pimpin’ in the pulpit!

  5. I think I detailed my experiences a couple of entries back in the foxhole archives about my time with a pastor. RUN they are Crazy AF. This twisted bastard I dealt with wanted me to come and sit next to his wife like I was a family friend and meet his kids. WTF, one minute he was quoting me scriptures about how being Gay was wrong and the next he was coming over to my house before he went to work at 6AM, just a total basket case. Never again will I deal with DL church dude and trust me there are many. The straight ones are even worse, and don’t even get me started on the Holy Hoes who come to church every Sunday looking like they are going to the club to catch some mans eye. Sad to say but Black churches theme should be “Hypocrisy at its Finest”. I don’t even trust people who don’t cuss and go to church all the time, usually I know they are fake and a lot of times just down right evil.

    1. True, but let’s not put black in there lol them other folks do the same thing. Who do you think came up with the it’s okay for two women to lay together but two men are sinful as it requires penetration. I laugh so hard at this now.

      1. Also them white churches be having all types of pedophiles in their congregation both str8 and gay. So, I be like meh when they try to critique our stuff

  6. these jack-leg preachers are a trip…I was **ckin this one dude down on the regular…go to my uncle’s funeral, and guess who his pastor is?? The same dude that was ridin my **** like a rollercoaster the night before

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