My Pastor Gives AIDS Better Than Yours!

juan-mcfarland-pastor-sermon-665x385i keep saying you don’t know who got what out here.
it’s a shame that we have to look at pastors as well.
well wait.
we shouldn’t be lookin’ at pastors as “the one to smash”.
well unless he coming with those dollas.
well unless its ( x him ).
well tell that to the congregation of pastor juan mcfarland.
he was so busy getting it in with his flock in the name of jesus,
that he forgot to mention his health status

A veteran Alabama pastor who confessed to having sex with parishioners on church grounds while HIV-positive has defied attempts to remove him from his post, media reported on Friday.

Pastor Juan McFarland’s revelations, made in a series of confessions from the pulpit last month, rocked the Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church in Montgomery, where he ministered for more than 20 years, the Alabama Media Group reported.

In September, McFarland revealed from the pulpit that he had full-blown AIDS and had previously had sex with parishioners without telling them about his HIV status, which he had long kept secret from church leaders, WSFA-TV reported separately.

He also admitted to illegal drug use and to using church funds for personal purposes, Alabama Media Group said, citing parishioners.

On Sunday, parishioners voted 80-2 to dismiss McFarland, although he still had access to the building and controlled the church’s bank account as of Thursday, the news group added, citing a former church official.

In addition to his role as pastor, McFarland served in a leadership role at the Alabama Middle District Missionary Baptist Association, which represents 34 nearby churches. The association did not respond to messages seeking comment.

McFarland and the church also could not be immediately reached for comment.

tumblr_ncu75jpdjE1r00543o9_r2_250i know when he confessed that day,
some people fell out in the name of jesus.

they didn’t expect that kind of blessing when they were on their knees.






too soon?
ugh sowwy.
i’m still stuck on the fact he doesn’t want to step down.
like dude seriously?
i guess he thought he could cast his burdens to the lord,
get drenched in holy water,
have one of those white sheets thrown on him,
and everything return as normal.
too bad for him that it doesn’t work like that.
if that was the case,
all these jackals at the altar come sunday would be better people.
this is why i’m content streaming church from my crib.
i can’t even with these riff raff church stories my f-bi sends me.

lowkey: how ironic is this word of his:

i wonder if he slept with some of those chicks behind him?
or in a twist,
he was sleeping with his brothers in christ?







too soon?
okay damn!

article found: msn

8 thoughts on “My Pastor Gives AIDS Better Than Yours!

  1. It is sad that the preacher at this church stooped so low. The reason why the church is failing the communities are due to this kind of behavior. I am not over the top religious, but I am spiritual and I do know how to carry myself as a man and as a human being. We need to respect the house and keep it sacred. Preachers have been having sex with women all the time,because they are normally throwing themselves @them.

  2. I’ve hooked up with a several ministers and a Gospel recording star. No lie because that’s not something to lie about. One of the ministers I used to do said he would go to out-of-state conventions specifically to mess around. Wait for a Gospel music convention or denominational convention to come to your town and go on Jack’d or Adam4Adam and see what I mean. Things are a’ popping! There is a minister I know in Virginia who preaches all day Sunday and fucks and gets fucked by dudes all day Monday. He said the preaching puts him in a euphoric state and makes him horny. Someone needs to really study that phenomenon.

  3. why were these people hooking up with the pastor to begin with?!?!?! that’s too messy man I’m glad i always went to one of those very small cornerstone churches where half the congregation is 80+ i can’t with these churches of today…Jesus looking at these folks like “I don’t know these fools” some of the church members don’t follow his doctrine yet are quick to condemn others smh this kind of thing doesnt make me lose faith in god if anything it makes me believe in him even more because it shows how screwed up people are…smdh there’s a time and place for everything

  4. No, he was sleeping with both men and women and you’d be a fool to believe he wasn’t. It is no secret that most pastors get down lol. I’ve always been suspicious of pastors and their activities when they are not in the pulpit. They are the worst ones. He knew better than that.

    1. ^its a shame that church is an absolute mess nowadays.
      i keep telling people those big church conventions is where you can get the best pipe.
      it be on big hoe-ly orgy.

      1. Jamari Fox, you got that right. One guy told me that the COGIC conventions/convocations/meetings are best for finding hook-ups with me and women. Well, anyway, he told me that he had hook-ups with both men and women at them. Maybe the Baptists are best for hook-ups but he only had experience at COGIC conventions/convocations/meetings so that’s all he knows.

        I suspect that at home, these COGIC freaks play Mr. Goody Two Shoes, but when they get out of town where no one knows them and they have no reputation to maintain, they let the freak out on the prowl for the duration. Then when they go back home, they again play Mr. Goody Two Shoes and the freak goes back in the cage.

        Of course, many are secret freaks at home but on the Usher Board, in the choir, Ministers of Music, Pastors, etc. also back home.

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