Hood Coochie Always Comes With Bad Ass Kids

tumblr_inline_n06hg8mEus1snkjg7why do hood chicks always have a ton of damn kids?
and not just a ton of kids either.
a ton of bad ass kids.
ones who will stick their tongues out,
step on your shoes,
and nearly push you off the chair.
there is something about ghetto pussy that is very fertile.
it never fails i would run into some ghetto chick with a ton of kids.
this all happened at the barber shop today…

when i got to the sop,
there was a ton of kids running wild in there.
throwing things.

“help!” – me.

i mean they were keeping all kinds of noise,
pushing me off the little bit of seat,
and making me roll my eyes every other minute.
the mother of this tribe was just letting this happening.
no death stare.
no “bathroom licks”.
no putting then up for adoption.
either she was between texting on her phone or flirting with my barber.
there was one other cub in there,
looking at these animals the “queen chloe” look like:

GIF-chloe-concerned-confused-girl-kid-look-say-what-side-eye-side-eyeing-suspicious-think-thinking-GIFwhen i finally got into the chair two years later,
i told my barber don’t be playing step father out here.

“hell naw!” – he said.

he let it be known that she has 8 kids.
you read right.
that means the other 4 were destroying the neighborhood somewhere.
2 of the kids only have the same father.
are hood chicks good to fuck and have kids with?
i couldn’t even do it.
i can barely take care of the plant in my living room.
which btw i need to throw out soon.
omg see!
i would be throwing out my cub.

i don’t get it.
foxes should be thankful we can’t get pregnant.
well some would like and i’m sure they would make great parents.
personally i wouldn’t.
well i don’t think.
these jackals tho…

jack’d nights
peep my porn moments
“lets do it raw bae”
community boi coochie

 …situations would lead to some pretty long lines down at welfare.

lowkey: the only time a wolf will cum in me is if i do decide to have a cub.

tumblr_muf97kbaIT1si245xo2_250 we will have some amazing sex,
he will cum in me,
and soon after our surrogate will give birth.
we’ll make a role playing out of it.

…that or if are getting a dog or cat.

7 thoughts on “Hood Coochie Always Comes With Bad Ass Kids

  1. Jamari you must be reading my mind. This hoodrat, Section 8 mother with four kids moved in next to me. The last child is 17 months old and by this guy that just got of jail for pushing drugs and has no job. Like, what did she expect would happen with him? She must weigh close to 300 pounds and wears those cheap Rainbow outfits. Her kids are active youngsters but not really bad. They are respectful to me. But she is something else. She cusses and yells at them worse than I would my worse enemy. “Stupid motherfucker this…and Dumb motherfucker that.” She yelled at them so bad last week I banged on her door. She peeped out. I told her whatever she was doing with those kids she better fucking stop or else. Things quieted down but this week she is back at it. I made a call to CPS but the operators were busy. I plan to call again. That is the only way I can probably get her to stop mistreating her kids. I just can’t see young ones raised like that.

  2. I have no problem being an step in uncle to my friend’s kids but they are just not what inset for me in my life. I think to be a good parent you have to be selfless which I don’t think I could do once I get to my dream life I just wanna come home to me and my wolf, so we can do the nasty not change diapers.

    1. LOL. Mikey…that is exactly what I tell people when they ask me why I don’t have kids. Because I don’t want any!
      It’s funny the reactions I get when I say that. I have plenty of nieces and nephews, so they keep me occupied and happy enough. The fact that I can give them back to their parents after the weekend or holiday is over is a PLUS! LOL

  3. Those type of women have a lot of kids so they can get those checks. You not hipped to their plan lol.

    1. Yeah, they get those checks…at our expense!! 8 kids with only two of them having the same father…why am I not surprised?! Girls/women really, really need to let go of the mentality that if they have a baby by the guy they’re with it will keep him around. It’s sad.
      There’s a woman who comes into my barbershop with these bad ass twins! Those boys are beasts!! My barber gets in their ass…because the momma sits there and doesn’t say a damn thing to them.

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