i’ve been extremely homophobic and i regret a lot of my behavior

i got an inter-forest dm from a foxholer a few days ago.
it was a thread on reddit they wanted me to discuss.
it was titled:

I’ve been extremely homophobic in the closet. I regret a lot of my behavior

…which i knew was gonna be juicy.
this is what was fonted:

This post is going to be weird, and if it’s inappropriate for this sub let me know:

I lurk here a little bit, and a post this week has been stuck in my head. It was something about an older, dl guy who bottoms for a guy but is extremely homophobic in his everyday life. This is very similar to my situation. I’m 21m, born and raised in a republican family. I have voted that way and expressed support in my everyday life, online, etc. I have also been extremely hateful about gay men, specifically more submissive ones. I have made countless jokes, memes, and rants against LGBTQ people. I would make fun of openly gay people in high school, don’t do this anymore but I still do a lot of bad talking about gay men in general and online.

All the while doing this, I’m a closeted gay man that has bottomed for dozens of guys. This is going to sound really stupid, but I guess I validated my adult homophobic behavior by my hookups not caring. A couple of my longtime f buddies I’ve opened up to this about and they thought it was hot being with a republican that acts the way I do irl. Except one who ghosted me after telling me off. In seeing how hurt this subreddit was by the other guy in the post, I have felt guilt for my actions. I’m making fun of people and being hateful for stuff I’m too embarrassed to admit to. I’ve been an incredibly shitty person, I’m really giving brief details but it’s not good at all what I have done.

I’m sorry if this post is upsetting. I feel like this was the best place to get this off my chest, and if you have any words for me, no matter how harsh, I’m all ears. I have done wrong to this community when I should be trying to fight the battle with you all. I don’t know if I can absolve what I’ve done but I’d like to try.

and these are my quick thoughts

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My Pastor Gives AIDS Better Than Yours!

juan-mcfarland-pastor-sermon-665x385i keep saying you don’t know who got what out here.
it’s a shame that we have to look at pastors as well.
well wait.
we shouldn’t be lookin’ at pastors as “the one to smash”.
well unless he coming with those dollas.
well unless its ( x him ).
well tell that to the congregation of pastor juan mcfarland.
he was so busy getting it in with his flock in the name of jesus,
that he forgot to mention his health status
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