Yeah, I Sucked All Those Dicks… But Take Me Seriously!

How solid is your reputation?
I mean, do you really know?
Have you done something trife that has travelled with you?
Are you known amongst people and your peers?
How does feel to have a Scarlet Letter on your chest?

This is for my Foxes and Hybrids really.

I know there comes a point in our lives when we say “fuck it” and go HO buck wild.

I know that I have had my slight hoish moments.

I never had a 4 some or no shit like that.
But, I was at a place where I was enjoying many Wolves at one time.
I even did some bird shit by trying to get with Wolves my friends have fucked with.
I am not immune to hosish tendencies then, now, or for my future.
It is life.
Plus,I seem to be meeting the finest Wolves in this industry.
 I may have to pop, lock, and drop on a nice penis… or two.

I have to ask…

Have you ever been a ho?

It must be terrible when you ho so much that you end up with a reputation.
Reputations are hard to build and easy to demolish.
Once you do something, it will end up as your HUMAN business card.

Jamari Fox
The Concrete Forest
Had more dicks in him than Fruit of the Loom
Give him a few drinks and the cheeks are open

…could never.
(well depends on how fine you are and if it was dark likka… lol jk

I met a Singer Fox last night at a friend’s get together.
He is FINE, but he is definitely competition.
So we were talking after we were introduced and he sung a song for me.
He could actually blow.
I wondered WHY he was not put on yet.
Later that night, I was talking to a Vixen and she told me an earful.
It seems that Singer Fox had been blowing the wrong Wolves.
He blew so much that now he has a reputation of being a HO behind the scenes.
And not just any ordinary ho, but a freak nasty ho who would do anything.
Sadly, he is not taken seriously and is stuck with a bad reputation.

It is important to understand how your reputation plays a big role in your future progress.
You may think the little things you do may not be noticed.
But, somehow and someway, they find a way to catch up with you become a pain in your ass.
Literally, in every sense of the word.

It got me thinking about our reputations in this lifestyle.
Your reputation should ALWAYS be guarded.
But, for those with bad reputations, what happens next?
Do you move away to some small town and start fresh?
Or, do you just deal with it and live a tarnished life?

Wolves can play the “ho” and bounce back.
Foxes tend to fall face down; ass up when we fuck more than 3 Wolves.

So when it comes to your reputation…

Have you kept yours squeaky clean?

11 thoughts on “Yeah, I Sucked All Those Dicks… But Take Me Seriously!

  1. I’ll keep it real. While I don’t applaud people who sleep around with a lot of people, who wants to end up with someone who has NO experience?

  2. IDK maybe it’s the maternity in me. I so try not to judge people. Because, at the end of the day we all have hoe-ish tendencies. Some perhaps more than others, and some are wearing their Sheriff badge proudly for the world to see. I just want to know the person for who they are . . . (POINT BLANK). Gay Men Talk, Women Talk, People Talk, Gossipers Talk. . . And, hell what can I say drama makes the world go round. So if their a hoe that doesn’t negate the fact that they may be a good person. Sometimes, people reputation precedes them and they really fall short, whereas, others live up to there reputation and then some!!!! Perhaps a friendship nor relationship may not materialize for you, but they may be great for someone else. How many times have we been judged, before we even got a chance to even say Hi? I often worry when the messenger is telling me about a persons’ business. Because, just as much as there spillin the T about them, you best believe they sure as hell is spillin the T about me to someone else. Am, I a Freak/Hoe? Perhaps in some people eyes. Then in others I’m a shy, humble, wholesome, dude. But as Mr. Jamari Fox pointed out bottoms/Foxes get judge a lot more harsher. But, me being a Top/Wolve ain’t immune either . . . Perhaps, I’m just gullible, but can we get to know a person before we propose Cruicifixion . That’s just my two seconds.

    I love ya Mr. Jamari Fox .

    ~ B’wood aka Bwood Chronicles.

  3. Nope. I’m really particular about my reputation. I have chicken to bake and money to make. Can’t do that with a sullied reputation.

    The problem with a lot of these people with bad reputations is:
    1) They deal with other people who have nothing to lose. Anybody you’re dealing with should have just as much to lose as you do, if not more.

    2)They deal with dudes that already have a reputation for being whorish. If their business is already out in the streets, what makes you think they won’t divulge your’s?

    3) They talk too damn much. Not everyone should know who you’re fucking. Even your closest friends.

    4) You should have more on the people you do tell than they have on you.

    And last but certainly not least…

    5) STOP RECORDING EVERY DAMN THING. Pictures, videos. Leave the camera out of any and all sexual exploits.

  4. Yes I’ve done plenty of hoeish shit, but most of them were not in my age range and lived on completely different sides of town and led mostly solitary lifestyles.

    Say what you want but there isn’t much of a stigma attached to sleeping around for men, especially men who fuck with men. Very few people care.

  5. Well Idk Jamari, I would say that my ability to provide certain “skills” and my reputation has made a way for me to meet all the dudes I’ve met so far. Like I in the past have messed with a dude and I’m more that sure they told their friends I think because his friends sorta tried to get at me. Thank God I wasn’t on no hoe shit

  6. The only reputation I can remember was in college when I was ‘so and so’s freshman boyfriend.’ I was dating someone with status amongst certain groups on my campus at the time and they didn’t like it. Most were people who wanted to be with him and couldnt understand why he chose a freshman. Outside of that I doubt anyone can say more about me than someone they’ve seen around. I’m not into sleeping around and the guys Ive been with run in totally different circles if they aren’t loners. I learned early that a slut’s escapades travel very fast even if they think they’re doing it discreetly.

  7. I wasn’t a ho; I was ho-ish LOL; No seriously… The freakiest thing I’ve ever done was have 3 different guys in 3 days; (Thanksgiving Weekend 2002) Here’s how it started; Thanksgiving night (around 8pm) met a guy on “megaphone” we talked, he came over and we did da ding dang thang! WHEW Brutha really laid the pipe! Day after Thanksgiving (notice the time) Friday afternoon; brutha from Megaphone called me and wanted a “nooner”; and I’m always willing to help out where I can; LOL He came over tore my ass up and went back to work. MMMM; Saturday, another guy from Megaphone, we talked off and on all day, he was married tho, not normally my style; but he was nice. He surprised me by coming over, I gave him directions, but he said he probably wasn’t gonna be able to make it, but he did; came over, we had a great time. Bottom line in less than 72hrs, I had 3 different men, it’s a wonder I was able to walk on Sunday after all that pounding!

  8. Nothing wrong with sucking your way to the top, but sucking and swallowing any and everybody–that shit ain’t hot. There is something to be said about being exclusive, even if you are in fact a semen cistern or cum dumpster. You do hoe shit in certain circles, especially with those above your pay grade, not with broke bastards beneath you–and when you do hoe shit keep your mouth closed. Another thing is, stop filming your hoe shit! Also, never fuck a dude with a lot of stories about all the ass he has been in, after he’s been in yours you are just another story. Be discreet in your actions and with your words.

  9. i havent done any freaky shit nor done a movie but i have done 1 or 2 things nothing to be asamed about and nothing i cant bounce back from

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