Snapchat Will Rue The Day They Crossed Rihanna!

wtf is running snapchat nowadays?
they been on a suicide mission these last couple months now.
they made that atrocious update that has everyone complaining.
bad enough,
after close to a million protest signatures about changing it back,
they still want their users to “learn and adjust”.
that is a bad move right there.
they had this random disgusting ad go up about rihanna:

who thought THAT was a good idea?
so rihanna made sure to respond via her ig stories.
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Karma Doesn’t Seem To Have Her Foot Off Harvey Weinstein’s Neck Yet

in ones quest for power,
one must be careful not to get drunk on it.
harvey weinstein must be a raging alcoholic then.
he should have known he had no true loyalty.
folks seemed to have been waiting for his downfall.
i ain’t never seen a take down of a snow jackal of this magnitude.
in his current journey towards being a pariah,
they have allegedly ousted him from the academy.
this is what “the huffington post” had to say…
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Kevin Terry Says His Dirty Mouth Ruined His Life

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 10.40.15 PMso everyone should be familiar with kevin terry.
he was the one that got leaked ( x singing into a meat mic ).
there is a problem tho?
well i’m sure he isn’t doing that anymore.
no kevin was working towards being a gospel artist when this happened.
you know church folks like their gays heard and not seen.
well he went on “preachers of la” and said that leakage ruined his life.
pastor deitrick haddon met up with him and this was the outcome…
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f0xmail: Your Entry On Me Ruined My Life!


so was the first paragraph in the email:

Good afternoon . I am sending this on behalf of my client …..

This will serve as your legal notice to cease and desist all further actions described below . You are hereby instructed to comply with this letter immediately or face legal sanctions under applicable Federal and State law

this was the second part within that email:

Dear Site Owner:
It has come to my attention that you have made an unauthorized use of copyrighted work “Private Video” I have reserved all rights in the Work, , and I have preserved my rights to the copyright of the Work. I am asking that you please remove this video. This video was made close to 5 years ago. It is now stolen property ,  and has been maliciously sent out.  It is because of this blog that I have lost my job , lost my house and car because of no employment , I  been denied employment on several levels , along with  other opportunities  that could be afforded to me . I am sincerely just in an attempt to rebuild my life but I do need your assistance in removing this information from your website.  I have no issues with your ,or  anyone and try my best to love everyone.  Your purpose  to destroy at that time has been complete. I am asking in Good faith that you please remove this content from your website/blog .

With Humble Submission I request


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Yeah, I Sucked All Those Dicks… But Take Me Seriously!

How solid is your reputation?
I mean, do you really know?
Have you done something trife that has travelled with you?
Are you known amongst people and your peers?
How does feel to have a Scarlet Letter on your chest?

This is for my Foxes and Hybrids really.

I know there comes a point in our lives when we say “fuck it” and go HO buck wild.

I know that I have had my slight hoish moments.

I never had a 4 some or no shit like that.
But, I was at a place where I was enjoying many Wolves at one time.
I even did some bird shit by trying to get with Wolves my friends have fucked with.
I am not immune to hosish tendencies then, now, or for my future.
It is life.
Plus,I seem to be meeting the finest Wolves in this industry.
 I may have to pop, lock, and drop on a nice penis… or two.

I have to ask…

Have you ever been a ho?

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Shit In The Air (Nigga Duck!)

Story time!
Gather round!

Once upon a time,
there were 2 Foxes who grew up together.

They were the best of friends who did everything (well almost everything) together.
They vowed that they would have each others back
thru the good times and the bad…

… that is,
until one Fox started getting steady dick downs and his brain squeezed thru his ears.

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