Snapchat Will Rue The Day They Crossed Rihanna!

wtf is running snapchat nowadays?
they been on a suicide mission these last couple months now.
they made that atrocious update that has everyone complaining.
bad enough,
after close to a million protest signatures about changing it back,
they still want their users to “learn and adjust”.
that is a bad move right there.
they had this random disgusting ad go up about rihanna:

who thought THAT was a good idea?
so rihanna made sure to respond via her ig stories.

…and just like that:

i could literally hear the bombs dropping and the explosions.
mark zuckerberg been trying to bring snap down for a while now,
but they just handed him their necks with that update and rihanna’s impact.
snap responded to all the drama with:

i don’t see any apology to rihanna directly.
see these companies gonna learn about fuckin’ with “us”.
this is a new day in these forests and ignorance won’t be tolerated.
i don’t know what’s left for snapchat,
but 2018 might be the end for them.

lowkey: the owner of snapchat is way too cocky.
he needs to bring that down or he’ll be brought down.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “Snapchat Will Rue The Day They Crossed Rihanna!”

  1. They thought that shit was cute, backfired on them assholes!! They tried ti single RiRi out, but they forgot about millions of other DV victims. Way to flex RiRi!

  2. God damn! Why Rihanna do them like that. Did they know who they were fucking with? Riri is a savage. She came to kill. Accused them of disrespecting DV while it’s on everyone’s mind and made sure to include both genders in her wording. I swear Rihanna plots these clapbacks bruh 😂

  3. Good. Fuck snapchat. Domestic Violence is a not a joking matter that’s to be used for memes to promote their app. I’m glad Rhianna put her foot on their necks and didn’t shy away from calling them out.

  4. To be fair they were already going down, rihanna didn’t cause that but she didn’t help either. The thing is they stupid for not listening to their users. I ain’t even talking about that rihanna mess, everybody involved has to go. They aren’t dumb enough to think it was a good idea, i think they wanted a buzz… they got it.

    I like snapchat they brought something new, zuckerberg tried to buy them they refused good for them. So zuckerberg did what he does best, he stole the concept and put it everywhere (IG facebook WhatsApp), but his karma is coming for him i know that. I am actually on snapchat side, i’m rooting for them. So i really don’t understand this. Why they persist with that update is a mystery. Why they wanted that kind of buzz is a mystery.

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