Snapchat Will Rue The Day They Crossed Rihanna!

wtf is running snapchat nowadays?
they been on a suicide mission these last couple months now.
they made that atrocious update that has everyone complaining.
bad enough,
after close to a million protest signatures about changing it back,
they still want their users to “learn and adjust”.
that is a bad move right there.
they had this random disgusting ad go up about rihanna:

who thought THAT was a good idea?
so rihanna made sure to respond via her ig stories.
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You In Here Trolling For Instagram Pipe Like The Rest of Us.

tumblr_mlw4jbJ3mk1r5gmyoo1_1280so you follow @attentionwhore instagram.
pick one.
there are a ton.
either his body was glistening more than usual,
or he went in on something sexual,
but something inside you started typing a comment.
one that was kinda bold.
well said @attentionwhore decided to reply:

“thats a lil suspect son.”
“wow thats that homo shit.”
“why are you even commenting under my shit nigga?”

embarrassing, i’m sure.
all the vixens are laughing and making comments.
they too are fiending for the dick.
you aren’t who i’m side eying at the moment.
its the other hyenas in the comment box who got something to say:

“wow *insert smiley face emoticons* @attentionwhore”
“thats real suspect son @attentionwhore”
“you sure told him @attentionwhore”

ya’ll crusty face dumb ass negros following him too.
i know ya’ll not following for the #foodporn and the drinks.
don’t start trying to get in good with @attentionwhore for brownie points.
especially at the expense of someone else.
stop the foolishness.
stop it right now.
oh and cut the “son” and “bruh” too.
you don’t say that shit in real life and you know it.

Is NFL Baller Wolf Darnell Dockett Down With The Foxhole?

so you believe this wolf likes butt cheeks?

well his ol teammate back in his college days decided to spill the beans

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