You In Here Trolling For Instagram Pipe Like The Rest of Us.

tumblr_mlw4jbJ3mk1r5gmyoo1_1280so you follow @attentionwhore instagram.
pick one.
there are a ton.
either his body was glistening more than usual,
or he went in on something sexual,
but something inside you started typing a comment.
one that was kinda bold.
well said @attentionwhore decided to reply:

“thats a lil suspect son.”
“wow thats that homo shit.”
“why are you even commenting under my shit nigga?”

embarrassing, i’m sure.
all the vixens are laughing and making comments.
they too are fiending for the dick.
you aren’t who i’m side eying at the moment.
its the other hyenas in the comment box who got something to say:

“wow *insert smiley face emoticons* @attentionwhore”
“thats real suspect son @attentionwhore”
“you sure told him @attentionwhore”

ya’ll crusty face dumb ass negros following him too.
i know ya’ll not following for the #foodporn and the drinks.
don’t start trying to get in good with @attentionwhore for brownie points.
especially at the expense of someone else.
stop the foolishness.
stop it right now.
oh and cut the “son” and “bruh” too.
you don’t say that shit in real life and you know it.

15 thoughts on “You In Here Trolling For Instagram Pipe Like The Rest of Us.

  1. The main people that are downing another person and calling them thirsty be the main ones in your inbox thirstin 10x worst than what somewhat said on out in public.

    Screenshots ain’t no joke out here. Especially kik and facebook inbox. smh

  2. My favorite is when @attentionwhore posts a BASIC ass tweegram and folks are all “that was amazing!” “applause” “you’re so inspirational”…………FOH. Either ya’ll or too dumb to realize how simple he is OR ya’ll want the D.

    Just post pictures buddy. That’s why I followed you.

  3. Ha..thank you! I cant stand when dudes do that and act like they are not commenting because dude looks good enough to eat. Another red flag is when they start saying…”respect hard work”, yeah I bet you do lol! Being his instagram “friend” is not gonna give you that magical pipe. If that were true I would be commenting all over my boo Mr. Shabazz’s instagram page…and I mean all over his ish lol!

    1. ^i love when they ask for work out advice.
      looking like they never ran on a treadmill a day in their life.
      under kerry rhodes instagram,
      they soliciting him for photo shoots.
      where the locale?
      their bedroom?

      no @attentionwhore will respond to any man in comments PERIOD.
      well unless you cater to their ego and ask about their shoes or something.
      even still will you get a response?

      1. Right…they know damn well the only thing they want to work out is those jaw and sphincter muscles lol! Hell the @attentionwhore will rarely even respond to the women on the page, so what makes these dudes think they will respond to them…just foolishness I tell ya!

      2. What are you talking about those guys just want “workout advice” that’s why they post their contact info on Kerry’s IG, get your mind out the gutter? 🙂 BTW I didnt know KR had a place in NYC.So he has homes in AZ,CA and NYC?

    2. LMAO..about commenting on Suraqah’s page. He is nice to look at tho ain’t he? I wonder what his personality is like.

      1. That man is beautiful, he is my #1…he can get all the business from me lol! I also respect the way he cares for his kids, that is the sexiest thing ever! He seem to have a decent personality, he is one of the few that will actually take the time to respond to a few of the comments left on his page, but you never know how he is in “real” life tho. I’m hoping he isn’t too full of himself. I remember when he visited to the fox hole…that was epic lol!

  4. LOL I hate the ones who leave desperate thirsty comments trying to see if they can hang with said attention whore. After the first week with no response when do you get the clue?

  5. Dudes are silly for making comments like that publicly, I would never. If these dudes are down they still will play it off. Do these men think they are going to get a smiley face and a wink along with a side order of dick? I don’t think so. You are not going to get any off of there. That is not where you look for pipe.

    1. Exactly The Man. Those attention whores are not going to let the public know that they love to bang down a fox walls on the side!

      1. Or get their own walls banged out. I’ve seen some dudes who don’t mind talking to other guys, but until you call them sexy, that’s it. I don’t blame them, that’s too far. If females who like them know they their is even the slightest chance they are gay they will lose their female fan base, and then they will have millions of thirsty men on the page leaving comments. Commenting on a dude’s instagram page talking about “what’s good?” “What you up to da night?” They don’t know you like that lol. It’s all a front, and then when you click on their page it’s private. Yea, y’all know who you are. You know I’m right. I have like 3 or 4 favorites that I visit like once a day, maybe twice, and that’s only if I’m bored. Some of y’all stay on instagram all day stalking people’s pages. That’s too much.

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