Is NFL Baller Wolf Darnell Dockett Down With The Foxhole?

so you believe this wolf likes butt cheeks?

well his ol teammate back in his college days decided to spill the beans

this is what mto had to say…

 The quarterback at NFL baller Darnell Dockett’s COLLEGE, Chris Rix (who is now a coach) called him out on the radio yesterday, for being GAY!!!

According to the coach, everyone on the team either KNEW or SUSPECTED that Darnell was a homosexual. Here is what the Coach told a radio station (courtesy of Larry Brown Sports):

Rix: I was surprised AJ [McCarron] would come back. He’s a humble, quiet guy. He’s got the girl. He’s got the ring. I wouldn’t think he would need to do that. But I give him a little credit for standing up for himself. But there were all these jokes about Darnell and what his preference was in college, if I might, because there was a few incidents of him hanging out with some dudes in the union and stuff…

Mohr: Did guys make fun of Darnell Dockett’s sexuality to his face?

Rix: Yes they did. He would get defensive at times as most guys would. But let’s just say there were a few questions of why is Darnell hanging at this dude’s house or this guy’s dorm room a little bit more than you’re used to hanging out at guys’ door dorms.

Speaking of dorm rooms, we’re hanging out at Burt Reynolds Hall, which is the dorm where underclassmen stay at Florida State. My room was right next to Greg Jones’ room. They’re hanging out playing video games, Madden was just getting big at this time, and we had both of our doors open.

I remember hearing Mike Boulware and Greg Jones, it was their room, and Darnell and some other guys were hanging out. Long story short, Darnell was making fun of Greg Jones, we were just freshmen, and Darnell was a year older than us. He said something that rubbed Greg Jones the wrong way — I don’t know if it was questioning his toughness, they were measuring their biceps, two big dudes. He said something that Greg didn’t like. Greg picks up Darnell Dockett — you know Greg Jones of the Jacksonville Jaguars, clearing the way for MJD for years — he picks him up WWE-style and slams him through that coffee table that they have inside of your dorm room. Classic story. Let’s just say Darnell never said anything that would offend Greg Jones from that day on.


you already know darnell is PISSED:


it was very random him calling him out.
what was his motive?
i would never thought he was down with the foxhole.
he does look like the spitting image of a wolf i use to mess with.
i know one thing about darnell….
he is starting to become super corny.
i lost it for him when he kept harassing to date katherine webb.
he know she has a man.
a white one.
what the hell would she want with him?

lowkey: why would you go and say you gonna fight someone on twitter?
a coach especially?
i need darnell to put his phone in the bathtub and walk away for a while.

15 thoughts on “Is NFL Baller Wolf Darnell Dockett Down With The Foxhole?

  1. I don’t think I’d want to be the one who made those statements (Chris Rix) I’ll believe a lot of CRAP, but the fact that DD’s GAY? That ain’t one of em!

  2. I think the whole situation is messed up.People love to call or insinuate that someone is gay because they see it as making a man less manly.So he was hanging out at some dude’s dorms longer than he should have?Why are they paying such extra close attention to what a another man is doing anyway.Straight guys won’t get the severity of outing someone in the closet, being out will not help anyone in his industry.It’s none of their business nor none of their concern what Darnell does nor how long he hung out at a dude’s dorm.People love to use the gay thing now because they know that it’s an insult to call someone gay, especially a football player.

    1. I honestly don’t think he is gay.I think the football players are caught up in the height of America’s obsession with someone being gay and learning how to spot or having some sixth/spider sense that tells you someone is gay.Just imagine how ate up Manti Teo will get when he’s on the grid iron from all the macho alpha male football players.I’m in the military and the Lt followed this one guy around for a few eeks and was happy as hell to discharge him from the military when he had proof the guy was gay.It wasn’t any of the Lt business who dude was screwing and he invaded his privacy.Gay men get no privacy.We have to come out and let people know we’re gay instead of letting people just see us one day out holding hands with another dude.

  3. Wow this was some shady shit and from a white dude no less. I can already tell by his response that he is in the family, and when a white dude calls you out, its really suspect because most of the time, other races are not concern about sexuality as our race is and for him to have the TEA, its a wrap. I just knew this was going to be a black queen when I seen the headline, who was going to be spilling the beans. Im sure this man is ready to actually kill this dude for putting him on blast like this, he is like an animal who has been back up against the wall and he is ready to attack. I am sure that he is going to be featuring a pretty vixen within the next couple of days until this can die down. He is going to get the benefit of the doubt because he is a big dude and people are going to assume that the Rix dude is just hating on him. I see already teammates have come to his defense. On a personal note, I did some research on his old interviews and seen some more pics and Im picking up a definite vibe on this dude its something in his eyes, of course Im no expert but this rumor I think has some weight to it.

  4. Is it just me but dude looks like he will munch on some fox booty hole like his life depended on it…lol im just sayin…#suckmydock

  5. Hmmm. Something in the milk may not be clean. Maybe this whole Katherine Webb thing was just so he could cover himself and make himself look straight. This is all of his fault. If he wasn’t trying to get with Katherine this would not have happened so if he gets down he just exposed himself. I like him, he’s cool, so I would fuck around with him. He’s kinda big tho lol.

    1. ^he isn’t low key at all.
      he always strikes me as a wolf who just does too much.
      when he started disrespecting that snow bunny’s man,
      i labelled him “thirsty” instantly.

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