When You Think He Cheated (So You Plot To Destroy His Crib)

i knew going back would be an issue.
you’ll never feel comfortable the second/third/tenth time around.
as much as you’ve “talked about it”,
nothing ever changes.
some folks just don’t change as much as you’d want them too.
it’s just a honeymoon phase,
a few rounds of make up sex,
and social media status updates.
i got a text today from my friend who went back to their abuser:

“i think he is cheating on me.
i’m about to trash this whole crib…”


that’s dumb.
you’re risking jail time for an “aint shit/good for nothing”?
as much as i’ve been:

back stabbed
ghosted on
turned on

…and other fuck shit,
you’ve never heard of me seeking revenge.
i was hurt about all of those situations,
but i picked up my “L” and moved on.
all those who did me wrong are trash anyway.
they may have met new folks to rub in my face,
but those brief encounters all crashed and burned.
they’ve end up ruining themselves and i didn’t have to lift a finger.
what they forgot was they can’t change their triflin ways.
they burned those bridges and made a new gang of enemies.
no use in getting revenge or outing anyone.
someone else much more unstable will do it.

so i stopped them from trashing the crib,
but i don’t think they’re leaving just yet.
there was no evidence of cheating besides the voices in their head.
you know the ones that have you paranoid without any reason.
all the reasons going back to anything toxic just isn’t worth it.
you’ll drive yourself crazy trying to prove yourself right.

6 thoughts on “When You Think He Cheated (So You Plot To Destroy His Crib)

  1. To be honest I let karma get my ex and she allowed him to receive the same punishment that he gave to me which that’s all I needed. Karma will get him just move on.

  2. Sad.Did your friend see the video of that baseball player beating up his ex girlfriend? I am curious how people in abusive relationships react when they see images like that,do they see themselves or are they in denial? I am also curious how the guy’s wife feels when she sees her husband beating up an ex girlfriend?

    1. ^we never spoke about the video in length.
      i’ll bring it up soon tho.
      i think it’s denial or “can relate/won’t judge” type of situations.

  3. Okay, so, I REALLY need to know, understand, get a concept of, and find out just why in the hell did they go back to this person because seriously, based off of an ASSUMPTION of cheating we just trashing cribs?! Why put yourself through all that mental and emotional foolery? Dick can’t be that good to have you out here like that. Your friend needs help J. The kind you have to lie down on a couch and talk to somebody about because this is just retarded on so many levels

    1. ^this is a classic case of not loving yourself and knowing your worth.
      i’m getting to the point where i’m over it and the drama.
      couldn’t be me,
      at all.

      1. Exactly! The dude knows he has someone with low self-esteem, so he’s milking it for what it’s worth. What’s that term…hobosexual? He slinging good dick which has the person captivated…and they will tolerate the “cheating” to a degree, but they only make themselves look stupid staying with someone like that. They will always have that thought, you’re cheating on me.

        Sad part is, dude is making it harder fro them to trust ANY good dude that comes along afterwards…IF there is an afterwards. SMH

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