Shit In The Air (Nigga Duck!)

Story time!
Gather round!

Once upon a time,
there were 2 Foxes who grew up together.

They were the best of friends who did everything (well almost everything) together.
They vowed that they would have each others back
thru the good times and the bad…

… that is,
until one Fox started getting steady dick downs and his brain squeezed thru his ears.

What happens when a 9″ pretty penis or a wet juicy pussy
comes in-between good friends?

A disaster.

I have come to the conclusion that good,
no ————-> great squirting orgasmic sex,
makes smart people ri-DICK-ulously stupid.

Ultimately, these things can’t be stopped.
If it is meant to happen that way, it will happen.
You cannot stop it as hard you try.

So, you lose your best friend and pay it.
But, what if you knew that Fox for many years?
You knew all their dirty secrets, as they did yours.
What if that same friend’s true colors came out and splashed “BETRAYAL” all across the friendship coloring book you THOUGHT you both had?
All those years down the drain over a 3 month bed buddy.

When you have a friend,
who happens to be insecure,
finally meets the man/woman of their dreams – shit hits the fan.

The new one suddenly becomes their manager, publicist, accountant, and Jehovah-Fuckin’- God.

Secure people have no problem balancing friendship and relationships.
They know that their friends are just an important part of their lives as their new-found love is.
They also know that “switching up rodeo clown shit” is for birds.

when the writing is on the wall,
you can find yourself left in the dark….
…with a whole lot of bad blood to clean up and knife wounds to heal.

But here is the twist….
let’s say the Wolf is really a DAWG and has them under his/her control…

To B Continued.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

28 thoughts on “Shit In The Air (Nigga Duck!)”

  1. So..what you’re saying is that me giving you great, squirting, orgasmic sex won’t make you lose your mind? Lets test that theory…

    1. Who wouldn’t lose their mind. But the thing is don’t get blown away by the sex and forget about the person.

      1. Well for many people they think that they cannot do anything without dick/pussy in their lives…. all while forgetting about the important people in their lives

    2. I’d lose my mind…
      maybe even lose my lunch (gaggin or feelin it WAY in your stomach is the worst, ain’t it) …
      …but I wouldn’t lose my sanity.

      1. “(gaggin or feelin it WAY in your stomach is the worst, ain’t it)”

        I wouldn’t know… 😉

  2. I give friends a month or so to get through the newness of the relationship; before they remember there’s someone else who exists besides that dack/pvssy; shoot, I’ve done it myself. But I always try to incorporate my boo into my circle – if it’s serious…if he/she is just a piece then…

      1. Yes, probably because y’all can be more ’emotional’ than Wolves…or at least you show it more often.

        Same with women…a Wolf will fight that ish for a minute – to not let you know he’s sprung, but you can still tell with us…it’ll be more in the actions than the talk (but I digress)

  3. YngBlkWolf :

    “(gaggin or feelin it WAY in your stomach is the worst, ain’t it)”

    I wouldn’t know… ;-)

    I’m glad cause ain’t nothing worst than a Fox turned Wolf turned Fox turned Wolf… and you know the cycle keeps going and goin and goin…

    1. You leave Rico & his thong-th-tho-thong-thong alone! lol

      Everybody is a potential fox to me…in the right circumstances *shrug*

  4. Jamari Fox :… Are you “potential Fox” material then?

    No sir. But I’ll be some wolf’s ‘Alpha.’ LOL

    Besides, a full moon just does something to me…I knows what I like 😀

  5. These conversations ladened with sexual innuendo and undertones has got me feeling a tad horny guys:) x x

      1. We get too many more people up in here, I’m charging a fee to cover the drinks, snacks, condoms, & lube…lol

        But welcome! 🙂

  6. Haha! Ok well i’m a fox from london ( its weird refering to myself as a fox but oh well) and I hear these american wolves are something else in the in the pipe department-is this the case Jamari (and YngBlkWolf)?x x

    1. Welcome Ty! London eh? I have international Foxes tunin in? That made me smile…

      American Wolf pipe can be a perfecr scene OR something that needs to be sent to the cuttin room floor.

      I will say that once u get the right Wolf to strap up and go in… You may catch yourself pledging allegiance and praising God @ the same time…

    2. Hmmm, I suppose we are something else, but it’s not as much the size of the pipe as it is how well you wield your tool…and I like to consider myself a Master Plumber 🙂

  7. Yes! Me and my roomies Love u so u’ve got some very loyal london fans:)
    I need to take a trip to the foxhole then cos Its been a while since and I pledged my allegiance or praised God!x x

    1. Shout out to all my London Foxes and Wolves again! I do this for you guys!

      And make sure when you come to the Concrete Forest, you tell the Wolf you snag that Jamari sent ya 😉

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